YAVP - VSWr of Zin, TSO, Zin - 15 runes (0.15 tournament)

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YAVP - VSWr of Zin, TSO, Zin - 15 runes (0.15 tournament)

VSWr, what the hell is that? Well, vine stalkers are very strong (the 4th most popular species in the tournament), and warper is a good background, with some useful spells and a weapon of choice.

I found an early Zin altar, and I was planning to go to extended anyway, so why not? I never used Zin in the early and midgame, but heard that he is very good there too. Yes, it's true.

The odds were not very good for the character to survive the early game: D:2 Terence, D:3 Sigmund, D:4 Blork and a player ghost (and Pikel, as it later turned out). But I avoided them all. (I went back to kill them not much later, when in Orc I found a morningstar, a good armour and money for some good rings).

I did Orc before Lair to get the Lord of Darkness banner. Also found a shield of resistance in a shop, so the character concept became this: shield and a sacred scourge, made from the first demon whip I find, most probably in the Depths.

So, after 2 runes I did V:1-4, and it was terribly hard again. I met several deep elf annihilators and high priests. After that, some Depths, got a demon whip from a balrug, so switched to TSO and went to the Crypt. Soon I had a blessed scourge.

(By the way, this is very weird: the weapon of angels is a "sacred scourge", but my weapon became "Blessed scourge". I cannot figure out why.)

After Crypt came Elf and V:5 and Slime (TRJ goes down fast if an angel and a vine stalker are hitting him). There I realized I had no haste spell. So I made a deal with myself: If I find haste in Depths or Zot, I go on - if I don't, I stop and win with 4 runes. Soon I found a Book of Wizardry, so no quitting, the show must go on.

I did Tomb next, slowly and carefully. In Tomb:3, after clearing everything, in a side treasure room I found Khufu, alone. Weird, I thought he always travels with a band of mummies.

Pan next: I did not clear floors, I was just diving, hoping to find the demonic rune anyway. And soon, I was dropped in a small room, with the demonic rune and a gate, guarded by a Lord and some insignificant demons (no fiends). A dream.

All 4 big panlords went down pretty easily: antimagic bite plus holy weapon is a very good combo. The funniest part was in Cerebov's level: I was dropped just outside his castle, next to the castle's steel wall. So I started killing dudes happily, when... holy shit, Cerebov is here! It turned out that I was actually inside the castle, not outside. But luckily there was a little hiding place where I could prepare (haste, call angel, haste angel, quaff might).

For the Hells, I went back to Zin. Coc, Geh and Tar were not hard (Zin is awesome!). In Dis:7, I got into a bit of trouble, as Dispater's group included a tormentor and a hellion. I read a teleport immediately, fogged and retreated. The teleport kicked is, and it dropped me well behind them, practically on top of the rune, with nobody in sight. So I picked it up and left, leaving Dispater alive (don't be greedy).

Zot:5 was pretty easy, but after that the ascension was tough: 4 pan lords! Hey guys, you don't scare me, but now I run away anyway.

My 39th win, 24th online. First all-runer in a tournament. Also, this is by far my fastest 15-rune win, I don't know how I did it in 108k turns, I had several 3-runers that took longer. Well, this is the power of VS regeneration.

http://crawl.lantea.net/crawl/morgue/ma ... 195156.txt

 Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.15.0-25-gd84c1e8 (webtiles) character file.

14534989 magipi the Bringer of Law (level 27, 159/159 HPs)
             Began as a Vine Stalker Warper on Sept 7, 2014.
             Was the Champion of Zin.
             Escaped with the Orb
             ... and 15 runes on Sept 9, 2014!
             The game lasted 18:24:43 (108458 turns).

magipi the Bringer of Law (Vine Stalker Warper)   Turns: 108458, Time: 18:24:43

HP 159/159       AC 36     Str 18      XL: 27
MP  52/52        EV 31     Int 17      God: Zin [******]
Gold 5987        SH 17     Dex 23      Spells: 11 memorised,  6 levels left

rFire  + + +     SeeInvis +     a - +6 Blessed Scourge
rCold  + + +     Clarity  +     g - +5 ring mail of Inaction {rC++ Dex+2}
rNeg   + . .     rCorr    .     w - +2 shield {rC+ rF+}
rPois  +         rRot     +     c - +2 helmet {SInv}
rElec  .         Spirit   +     J - +2 cloak {rPois} (curse)
SustAb .         Warding  .     D - +2 pair of gloves "Bluggam" {rF++}
rMut   .         Stasis   .     t - +3 pair of boots of the Manifold Orbs {Int+2}
Gourm  .                        r - amulet "Umeirr" {Clar rN+}
MR     +++..                    X - cursed +5 ring of protection
                                G - cursed ring of Dim Light {MP+9 Slay+6}

@: very slightly contaminated, repel missiles, extremely resistant to hostile
enchantments, very unstealthy
A: fangs 3, regeneration 3, magic shield, antimagic bite, no device heal 3, rot
immunity, placid magic 1
a: Recite, Vitalisation, Imprison, Sanctuary, Cure All Mutations, Renounce
0: Orb of Zot
}: 15/15 runes: decaying, serpentine, slimy, silver, golden, iron, obsidian,
icy, bone, abyssal, demonic, glowing, magical, fiery, dark

You escaped.
You worshipped Zin.
Zin was exalted by your worship.
You were not hungry.

You visited 18 branches of the dungeon, and saw 97 of its levels.
You visited Pandemonium 1 time, and saw 29 of its levels.
You visited the Abyss 1 time.
You visited 1 Ziggurat, and saw 9 of its levels.
You also visited: Labyrinth.

You collected 14628 gold pieces.
You spent 3488 gold pieces at shops.
You donated 5153 gold pieces to Zin.


Hand weapons
 a - a +6 Blessed Scourge (weapon)
 R - a javelin (quivered)
 c - a +2 helmet of see invisible (worn)
 g - the +5 ring mail of Inaction (worn) {rC++ Dex+2}
   (You bought it in a shop on level 5 of the Dungeon)   
   It affects your dexterity (+2).
   It greatly protects you from cold.
 m - the +2 ring mail "Ginorchuha" {rN+ Dex+3 SInv}
   (You bought it in a shop on level 9 of the Dungeon)   
   It affects your dexterity (+3).
   It protects you from negative energy.
   It enhances your eyesight.
 t - the +3 pair of boots of the Manifold Orbs (worn) {Int+2}
   (You acquired it in Pandemonium)   
   It affects your intelligence (+2).
 w - a +2 shield of resistance (worn)
 D - the cursed +2 pair of gloves "Bluggam" (worn) {rF++}
   (You acquired it on level 3 of the Crypt)   
   It greatly protects you from fire.
   It has a curse placed upon it.
 J - a cursed +2 cloak of poison resistance (worn)
Magical devices
 b - a wand of disintegration (8)
 o - a wand of digging (1)
 v - a wand of hasting (8)
 f - 18 bread rations
 n - 22 meat rations
 u - 39 fruits
 d - 14 scrolls of blinking
 i - 4 scrolls of silence
 j - 22 scrolls of remove curse
 k - a scroll of fog
 l - 10 scrolls of recharging
 x - a scroll of enchant armour
 z - 10 scrolls of identify
 K - a scroll of magic mapping
 S - 4 scrolls of holy word
 U - 3 scrolls of teleportation
 e - the ring of Wiruxinn {rN+ MR++}
   (You took it off a vampire on level 3 of the Crypt)   
   [ring of positive energy]
   It protects you from negative energy.
   It affects your resistance to hostile enchantments.
 r - the amulet "Umeirr" (around neck) {Clar rN+}
   (You found it on level 3 of the Tomb of the Ancients)   
   [amulet of clarity]
   It provides mental clarity.
   It protects you from negative energy.
 G - the cursed ring of Dim Light (left hand) {MP+9 Slay+6}
   (You took it off a spriggan defender on level 3 of the Depths)   
   [ring of magical power]
   It affects your accuracy and damage with ranged weapons and melee attacks
   It affects your magic capacity (+9).
   It has a curse placed upon it.
 T - a cursed amulet of resist corrosion
 W - an uncursed ring of teleportation
 X - a cursed +5 ring of protection (right hand)
 Y - an uncursed amulet of resist mutation
 s - 29 potions of curing
 C - 5 potions of resistance
 F - 2 potions of might
 I - 12 potions of restore abilities
 L - 10 potions of magic
 N - 10 potions of agility
 O - 2 potions of cancellation
 Q - 4 potions of cure mutation
 Z - 2 potions of berserk rage
 E - a book of Hinderance   
   Spells                             Type                      Level
   Confusing Touch                    Hexes                        2
   Confuse                            Hexes                        3
   Petrify                            Transmutation/Earth          4
   Leda's Liquefaction                Hexes/Earth                  4
   Metabolic Englaciation             Hexes/Ice                    5
   Summon Mana Viper                  Hexes/Summoning              5
 H - a book of the Warp   
   Spells                             Type                      Level
   *Control Teleport                  Charms/Translocation         4
   Phase Shift                        Translocation                5
   Warp Weapon                        Charms/Translocation         5
   Dispersal                          Translocation                6
   Controlled Blink                   Translocation                7
   Disjunction                        Translocation                8
 V - a book of the Sky   
   Spells                             Type                      Level
   *Flight                            Charms/Air                   3
   *Airstrike                         Air                          4
   Silence                            Hexes/Air                    5
   Deflect Missiles                   Charms/Air                   6
   Conjure Ball Lightning             Conjuration/Air              6
   Tornado                            Air                          9
 h - a fan of gales
 p - a phial of floods
 q - a phial of floods
 A - a phial of floods
 B - a phial of floods
 M - a lamp of fire
 P - a lamp of fire
 y - a +5 rod of ignition (13/13)
   (You found it on level 3 of the Tomb of the Ancients)

 - Level 21.1 Fighting
 - Level 18.8 Maces & Flails
 - Level 8.0 Throwing
 - Level 20.5 Armour
 - Level 20.5 Dodging
 - Level 4.6 Stealth
 - Level 15.0 Shields
 - Level 6.0 Spellcasting
 - Level 15.0 Charms
 - Level 5.0 Summonings
 - Level 10.3 Translocations
 - Level 14.0 Air Magic
 + Level 26.2 Invocations
 - Level 19.5 Evocations

You had 6 spell levels left.
You knew the following spells:

 Your Spells              Type           Power        Failure   Level  Hunger
a - Apportation           Tloc           ####......   1%          1    None
b - Blink                 Tloc           N/A          1%          2    None
c - Shroud of Golubria    Chrm/Tloc      ####......   0%          2    None
d - Passage of Golubria   Tloc           N/A          1%          4    ####...
e - Airstrike             Air            #####.....   1%          4    ####...
f - Flight                Chrm/Air       #####.....   0%          3    ##.....
g - Control Teleport      Chrm/Tloc      ####......   1%          4    ####...
h - Haste                 Chrm           #####...     1%          6    #######
i - Summon Butterflies    Summ           ##......     1%          1    None
m - Repel Missiles        Chrm/Air       #####.       0%          2    None
w - Spectral Weapon       Hex/Chrm       ###.....     1%          3    ##.....

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Re: YAVP - VSWr of Zin, TSO, Zin - 15 runes (0.15 tournament

Very cool! My second 15-runer was also a VsWr^Zin-TSO-Zin! Seems a bit weird but it's a really fun build.
I enjoy trying to win distinct Race / Class / God combinations. Wins so far: HOFi^Beogh, MiGl^Trog, GhEE^Chei, GrNe^Kiku, DDMo^Yred, OgIE^Ash, VpEn^Dith, VSWr^Zin, OpWz^Sif, SpAs^Veh, CeHu^Qaz, NaWn^Xom, DsCj^Makh, FoSk^Ru

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Re: YAVP - VSWr of Zin, TSO, Zin - 15 runes (0.15 tournament

Very impressive victories in your tournament play, Magipi. Major congrats!

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