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YAVP: HoCK of Xom for 15

I started this run to blow off some steam, expecting Xom-related doom early on. But it kept rolling, and I found myself in Zot 5 sitting next to the orb thinking "This character should be good for 15. Let's do that first."
And much amusement was had (apologies for the sheer amount of Xom-spam in the log, which is also apparently making it too long to post):


I got a lot of mileage out of evokables on this run. Early with wands, +invs and +blink, and later with rods and exp chargers. My stash of lamps, tremor stones, phials, rods, etc. were especially helpful in early rune vaults and in Tomb, which for once I did before Pan or the Hells. Spells didn't really come into play until late in the run, but platecasting haste is very powerful, and not necessary to finish the game. (breaking into rune vaults and skipping most of Tomb with LRD is still very convenient). Same with the executioner's axes, which I didn't find until Pan (acquirement and Ignacio). After a while, most things were done for amusement, like using Wyrmbane to kill all the dragons. Chaos weapons are unstable, but can generate some crazy effects. Most Pan/Hell lords that I killed were paralyzed or petrified, at which point I swapped to holy wrath.

Some fun Xomness was getting swarmed by Hell Knights in Gehenna while Xom was using me as a 'special plaything.' And he decided to repeatedly swap away most of my weapons to knights as far away as possible. So they all had to die until I had my axes back (keeping a back-up weapon or two was not just for brand damage purposes). I got some very good midgame drops, including hat of the bear spirit in a shop, a holy wrath battleaxe from acquirement in Lair (admittedly, this wasn't that great until much later in the run). With double artifact rings of wizardry, some spellcasting was inevitable. The 3rd Lvl of blink mutation made me feel safe leaning on that ability. The full mutation set was impressive, if sometimes unstable. I freaked out when I hit the holy pan level, until I realized nothing had silver ammo, and I wasn't a DS (for once). Maybe something in holy pan (cherubs?) should have silver ammo to terrorize chaotic mutated beasts like I was. Or maybe I got lucky. Well, I survived with Xom, so yes, I got lucky. Learned a couple things about positioning, patience, and preparedness along the way.
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Re: YAVP: HoCK of Xom for 15

Having won with Xom only once with the same combo but only for 3 runes, I have to say, well done. Seems like Xom was kind to you. :D
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