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YAVP - HEBe of Trog

I think this was my first character using long blades. For melee, I used an elec falchion for a long time, and Trog was reluctant to gift me a good endgame weapon (but finally he did). Also used longbows a lot, so I was pretty much a stereotypical elf.

In the Swamp, I almost killed myself by not paying attention, and then I found myself at low health facing a 13-headed hydra. Luckily, a fear scroll helped me out. Another tough moment was when an ancient lich got lucky with iron shots in Zot:5, but survived that one, too. In the endgame, an orb of fire thought my AC is too high (it was close to 50), so gave me horns (my helmet fell off) and deformed body.

First HE win, 7th win online, 22th overall.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.14.1-1-g650416f (webtiles) character file.

1361562 magipi the Elven Blade (level 27, 211/211 HPs)
             Began as a High Elf Berserker on May 4, 2014.
             Was an Elder of Trog.
             Escaped with the Orb
             ... and 3 runes on May 8, 2014!
             The game lasted 13:30:39 (118946 turns).

magipi the Elven Blade (High Elf Berserker)       Turns: 118946, Time: 13:30:39

HP 211/211       AC 39     Str 22      XL: 27
MP  13/13        EV 32     Int 16      God: Trog [****..]
Gold 2698        SH  0     Dex 30      Spells:  0 memorised, 26 levels left

rFire  + . .     SeeInvis +     a - +7 claymore (antimagic)
rCold  + . .     Clarity  +     E - +10 plate armour {rC+}
rNeg   . . .     Conserve .     (no shield)
rPois  .         rCorr    .     (helmet restricted)
rElec  .         rRot     .     M - +1 cloak {MR+}
SustAb . .       Spirit   .     U - +1 pair of gloves {Dex+3}
rMut   .         Warding  .     Y - +2 pair of boots of the Dozen Planets {rF+ MR+ Str+4}
Saprov . . .     Stasis   .     K - amulet of clarity
MR     ++++.                    y - +5 ring of protection
                                c - ring "Yhodulef" {Dex+1 SInv}

@: incredibly resistant to hostile enchantments, extremely unstealthy
A: horns 1, berserk 1, deformed body, strong 1
a: Burn Spellbooks, Berserk, Trog's Hand, Brothers in Arms, Renounce Religion
0: Orb of Zot
}: 3/15 runes: decaying, silver, gossamer

You escaped.
You worshipped Trog.
Trog was greatly pleased with you.
You were not hungry.

You visited 9 branches of the dungeon, and saw 52 of its levels.
You also visited: Bailey.

You collected 6274 gold pieces.
You spent 3576 gold pieces at shops.


Hand weapons
 a - a +7,+7 anti-magic claymore (weapon)
 b - a +4,+3 longbow of frost
 n - a +0,+3 longbow of flame
 R - the +10,+2 great sword of War {freeze, rElec rPois}
   (Trog gifted it to you on level 1 of the Vaults)   
   It has been specially enchanted to freeze those struck by it, causing extra
   injury to most foes and up to double damage against particularly susceptible
   opponents. It can also slow down cold-blooded creatures.
   It insulates you from electricity.
   It protects you from poison.
 m - 93 arrows
 F - 17 arrows of frost
 P - 44 poisoned arrows
 E - a +10 plate armour of cold resistance (worn)
 M - a +1 cloak of magic resistance (worn)
 U - a +1 pair of gloves of dexterity (worn)
 Y - the +2 pair of boots of the Dozen Planets (worn) {rF+ MR+ Str+4}
   (You found it in a bailey)   
   It affects your strength (+4).
   It protects you from fire.
   It affects your resistance to hostile enchantments.
Magical devices
 f - a wand of digging (13)
 j - a wand of teleportation (0)
 s - a wand of digging (18)
 t - a wand of heal wounds (6)
 x - a wand of lightning (3)
 A - a wand of magic darts (15)
 B - a wand of fireball (5)
 G - a wand of paralysis (10)
 g - 2 meat rations
 l - 2 apples
 q - a rambutan
 v - a pear
 L - 2 bread rations
 d - a scroll of magic mapping
 Q - 2 scrolls of identify
 c - the ring "Yhodulef" (left hand) {Dex+1 SInv}
   (You took it off a tengu reaver on level 5 of the Vaults)   
   [ring of see invisible]
   It affects your dexterity (+1).
 i - an uncursed ring of protection from fire
 k - an uncursed ring of regeneration
 p - an uncursed ring of poison resistance
 w - an uncursed ring of teleportation
 y - a +5 ring of protection (right hand)
 C - an uncursed ring of flight
 H - an uncursed ring of teleport control
 I - an uncursed ring of protection from fire
 J - an uncursed amulet of resist mutation
 K - an amulet of clarity (around neck)
 O - an uncursed ring of protection from magic
 V - an uncursed amulet of guardian spirit
 W - an uncursed ring of positive energy
 X - a +3 ring of evasion
 h - 3 potions of invisibility
 r - 5 potions of curing
 u - 2 potions of might
 z - a potion of agility
 D - 2 potions of berserk rage
 Z - 2 potions of flight
 N - a book of the Tempests   
   Spells                             Type                      Level
   Static Discharge                   Conjuration/Air              3
   Lightning Bolt                     Conjuration/Air              5
   Fireball                           Conjuration/Fire             5
   Tornado                            Air                          9
   Shatter                            Earth                        9
   Trog disapproves of the use of such an item.
 e - a lamp of fire
 o - a +3 lightning rod (14/14)
   (You took it off a vault warden on level 5 of the Vaults)

 + Level 23.3 Fighting
 - Level 24.0 Long Blades
 - Level 17.3 Bows
 + Level 21.2 Armour
 + Level 23.6 Dodging
 - Level 14.0 Evocations

You had 26 spell levels left.
You didn't know any spells.

Dungeon Overview and Level Annotations

Dungeon (15/15)            Temple (1/1) D:4             Orc (4/4) D:11
    Elf (0/3) Orc:4          Lair (7/8) D:8           Swamp (5/5) Lair:3
 Spider (5/5) Lair:3        Slime (0/6) Lair:6       Vaults (5/5) D:13
  Blade (0/1) Vaults:3      Crypt (0/5) Vaults:2        Zot (5/5) Depths:5
 Depths (5/5) D:15       

Nemelex Xobeh
Sif Muna
The Shining One

D:4 ?   D:5 *   D:6 }*(   D:7 *   D:8 [   D:12 [   D:14 *!   D:15 =![
Orc:3 (   Orc:4 :[(*   Vaults:4 :

Hell: Depths:1 Depths:2 Depths:3 Depths:4 Depths:5
Abyss: Depths:4 Depths:5
Pandemonium: Depths:2 Depths:3
Ziggurat: Depths:3

D:2 yuif
Lair:6 exclusion: oklob plant
Swamp:4 Jorgrun, Saint Roka
Depths:4 exclusion: ice statue

Innate Abilities, Weirdness & Mutations

You have a pair of small horns on your head.
You tend to lose your temper in combat.
Armour fits poorly on your strangely shaped body.
Your muscles are strong. (Str +2)

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Re: YAVP - HEBe of Trog

Another funny thing: Swamp 4 had Nikola, Saint Roka, Jorgrun and Mara. Tough! As I had elec resist, I killed Nikola (he was in my way), but let the others be.
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Re: YAVP - HEBe of Trog

Congrats! I should probably try this combo. Not a fan of HEs, but w/e. :P
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Re: YAVP - HEBe of Trog

Much gratses!

I have the same problem with long blades. They seem to be overall the hardest class of weapons to find end-game quality stuff for. I think I've seen exactly one claymore generated in the dungeon without Trog's help.

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