YASD: Curse you, Mennas!

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Lair Larrikin

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YASD: Curse you, Mennas!

I was playing a MuFE, and doing pretty well. But while exploring around D:14 I fell through a shaft to D:16. Lucky for me there was an "up" stair nearby. I headed for it, and -

Oh hey, another shaft trap.

Now I'm on D:19, far out of my league, and looking for a way up. Except that the first step I take brings me into sight of some (now-infamous) angel named Mennas. Since this was only a few days after he'd been implemented and I hadn't seen him before, I decided that the only good option was to get away.

Turn 1: I read a scroll of teleport. Mennas advances.
Turns 2 and 3: I flee. Mennas advances.
Turn 4: The teleport triggers... and puts me one square behind Mennas. He steps forward and violently rearranges my jerkified guts with his Holy-branded sword.
There was no Turn 5.
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Tartarus Sorceror

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Re: YASD: Curse you, Mennas!


The "I teleported close to enemies" death. :D :D

Mines Malingerer

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Re: YASD: Curse you, Mennas!

reminds me of when i teleported next to a unique jelly in the slime pits when trying to get away from some other danger.

Dungeon Dilettante

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Re: YASD: Curse you, Mennas!

I'm sorry, please don't beat me to death, but I just have to say this or else it will just repeat endlessly in my head...

"Mennas? More like Man-Ass! Am I right?"

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