YAVP: 5-rune (with Tomb) NaHu of Vehumet

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YAVP: 5-rune (with Tomb) NaHu of Vehumet

http://crawl.montres.org.uk/morgue/dame ... 000648.txt

This was a bit of an unusual game. I went Vehumet on D:3 without knowing any spells; I knew Veh would provide soon enough, and nagas' generally good (if boring) spellcasting aptitudes would mean I could use whatever I got. This didn't work quite as well as it might have done; I only learned any Poison magic to go with my positive aptitude just before Zot, and other than Freeze for cold-blooded enemies, I didn't get much out of my god early on. However, I had guardian spirit almost all game, so Veh was helping keep me alive even when I wasn't casting.

Freeze was working pretty nicely in Lair, and my other early game go-tos were Fulminant Prism and scrolls of immolation - I had a way to go rF++ early and with that and naga hitpoints I cleared a lot of clusters of enemies. I also took Yara's from Veh early, a favourite spell.

Around Lair:1 I got a ring with {rCorr rC+++}, handy to have, and went through a labyrinth getting a +7 whip with {protect, +Inv Str+7 Int+4}. I'd use this for ages; at first the slaying made up for the otherwise bad damage, the stats were nice to have, and constriction was doing a lot of my damage on constrictable enemies anyway. Lair:5 had an ice cave - easy enough with rC+++, and got me a +2 naga barding with {rF+ rN+ Str+2}, handy to have.

Veh offered me Bolt of Fire on Orc:1, and Conjure Ball Lightning on O:2; I took both but only trained up Bolt of Fire. I'd amnesia out CBL later. In Spider I got the final Veh spells - LCS, Fire Storm, and Ignition. Training for Bolt of Fire had paid off. It took me a while to get Ignition online - a NaHu doesn't come with huge Int out the box, and I had little +Int gear - but it paid off later.

Swamp had Louise donate me an eveningstar of freezing which, much later, I'd enchant up and use to replace the randart whip.

I did Elf next. E:3 got pretty hairy - worse than it looks from "HP: 36/187 [earth elemental[a deep elf elementalist] (12)]" in the log - but paid off in terms of stuff. There were rings with {EV+4 Str+4} and {rCorr rC+ MR+ Dex+3} which I'd take to Zot, a +3 TLA with {rN++ Regen+ Str+6 Stlth-} which I'd use all game, and a +4 flail with {crush, rElec Str+5 Dex-3 Stlth+} which I'd use as my rElec swap.

After Elf I bid farewell to my +4 sling of velocity - no fustibalus had turned up (and I see there wasn't one all game) and I wanted scrolls of enchant weapon for a melee weapon - replacing it with Isk's Battlesphere and Magic Dart / Stone Arrow to cycle the battlesphere.

To Vaults! There was a trove wanting 20 potions of curing, which I surmised (correctly) would be a price I was never willing (or able) to pay. I often do V:5 straight after V:4, and did so here, blowing up the welcoming committee and the next few waves of monsters with Ignition then eventually teleporting away. It got pretty bad at one point, but I got away with it and had the rune.

To Depths! I learned Aura of Abjuration (of course Ignition works quite well to abjure-and-murder mass summoners, but Aura is a lot cheaper) and, well, I had Dragon's Call in the library, and it is a spell I love. I learned it, and from this point onwards was training Summonings pretty steadily, to finish with Summonings 27. Quite a lot for 5 casts (the first couple with brilliance), ahem, but if things had got hairy on the orbrun I'd have been glad of it. On U:4 I struggled desperately to get into a bazaar - I had about 6000 gold to spend - only to find nothing useful to buy. Bah.

I did Slime next, since Ignition makes TRJ trivial; as it happened, TRJ came out of its little house to be exploded. Here I found the macabre finger necklace; handy since I had plenty of third-ring options that were worth the 3 AC it cost to replace my +2 cloak with a scarf of spirit shield. I mutrouletted out berserkitis and low MP, getting MP-powered wands, clarity, and blink (hooray!)

I did Crypt next, getting a wizlab - Zonguldrok. Even the Crypt ending wasn't too bad; two curse skulls, but neither of them was a problem.

So, 4 runes, where next? Obviously (?) the answer was Tomb. I did have rN+++, loads of HP, and Ignition, so this wasn't as mad a plan as it might have sounded.

I teleported away from the ambush on Tomb:2, landing in the section leading to Tomb:3. Tomb:3 itself was pretty bad - it always is - but making huge amounts of noise with Ignition and then teleporting away to hide mostly worked out. I burned a lot of consumables, of course; scrolls of fog so I could hide and heal up for longer, holy words, heal wounds, etc.

I went back to clear the bits of Tomb I'd skipped - arguably hubris, and the Tomb:1 corridor of greater mummies got very nasty - but I did get a sacred scourge off Mennas, which came in handy later.

Finally, to Zot! I learned OTR for draconian packs - with a manual of Poison Magic, it took almost no investment to get online. Zot:5 had a permanent teleport trap in front of each lung - always annoying; I blinked in OK but on the way out jumped in one and got teleported into the uncleared lung. I made it out, though; I had to fight a lot of stuff on the orbrun (because of naga speed) but, fortunately, only one of the four panlords I saw.

Since then I have died as a GrSu putting me back in my natural position of being on a no-streak.
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Re: YAVP: 5-rune (with Tomb) NaHu of Vehumet

Was there any particular reason why you picked Vehumet out of the gods you had available by D:3?
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Re: YAVP: 5-rune (with Tomb) NaHu of Vehumet

Yes, but perhaps not one that made sense from the point of view of just winning the game; I like to play gods I haven't played for a while, and I haven't played Vehumet at all since winning a GrFE in April.
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