Post Friday, 10th January 2020, 00:14

GoKl^Yredelemnul, caryer of the black torch, bcrawl

I recently finished this game for a Cosplay conduct. ... 233741.txt
(The rules where: GoKl^Yredelemnul, Maces & nets, rocks, needles only, no shield, only level 1 & 2 spells, get 7 runes, enslave soul 9 uniques.)

Mostly I noticed Yredelemnul is really strong :D
Drain Life makes you almost invincible as long as enough living enemies are on the screen, and summoning all my allies provided a very reliable panic button.
Keeping my allies alive was a pain though, and involved me often going back up stairs to recall my allies to a cleared level. I did this every time I got a valuable ally, which was often. I also often fought at half hp to try to keep my allies alive. It is sloppy, but with Drain life available it was ok.
It's also a pain to try to isolate the Enslaved Soul to take with you.

bcrawl changed Pan so that the exit locations are revealed, but you can't enter a Pan level after reaching XL 27. So I did Pan before getting my 3rd rune, when I was XL 26. It was short, fun, and challenging in a very different way from my usual Pan experience. Rush for the exit, rush for the rune, get out 8-) Yredelemnul was very useful, because there wasn't much fighting and therefore not much time for my allies to die. Getting no piety in Pan was no problem. (actually I got some piety from a holy pan floor.)
Mnoleg got mostly killed by my undead allies whilst out-of-LOS, and I killed Gloorx Vloq after confusing it with a needle.

I got to use a blowgun without training throwing because blowguns use fighting skill in bcrawl. It was very powerful, but I'm not sure how I feel about it.