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Tournament board

Might it make sense that, shortly before a tourney starts, to create a specific message group for that tournament, and then keep it open for a week or so after?

This would give folks a chance to discuss teams, the new rules, strategies, and the ongoing events and turns that the actual tournament takes. Of course, players can use existing forums for this, but I think that we'd probably see more interesting activity if the contest had its own (temporary) forum.

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Re: Tournament board

Sounds good to me, but I can't do it.
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Re: Tournament board

WalkerBoh has asked me about a place to put his thread on a new Crawl competition. I think it might be nice to have a forum for all stuff related to competitions (challenge of the week, player driven mini-tournaments, official bi-annual tournaments,...).
Despite being a single player game, Crawl can be a very competitive game so I think it would be appropriate. It might be a low traffic forum to begin with, but I think it's fine, we have others. The point is that this stuff don't fit anywhere else. Also, the presence of the forum might spur new initiatives.
Ideas for a name? The Dart Board?
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Re: Tournament board

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Re: Tournament board

Maybe a little too modern for a medieval tavern, but The Arcade seems fitting.


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Re: Tournament board


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