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New God Idea

Can people stop posting this? This also goes for "New Species Idea."

Unless you know C++ and are willing to code it yourself there's basically a 0% chance of it being added to the game: any suggestion beyond a minor tweak is pretty much ignored by the devs because they just don't have time to code it.

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Re: New God Idea

This is not quite right: the basic idea for the slime god was posted as an off-topic idea in a SourceForge FR (by Cyrus, if memory serves right, but it's a very long time ago). I don't see the problem: if you happen to despise "New Foo" threads, don't enter!
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Re: New God Idea

Thread moved. People like to discuss game design and make suggestions for elaborated changes regardless of the likeliness of implementation. It's fine. The purpose of the forum is to let people express their ideas, we don't have to limit them to what is feasible or likely.
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Re: New God Idea

As someone who knows C++ and has a lot of terrible ideas for gods, your post does nothing to discourage me from posting :D

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Re: New God Idea

Even if something isn't feasible or likely, it is possible for idea generation to take off from said thread that may be thought about. That can be the basis of new ideas or concepts, or even old ideas and concepts. Players shouldn't be discouraged from brainstorming because it can be inspiration to other threads.
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Re: New God Idea

I don't see how "New God Idea" and "New Species Idea" are different from anything else that gets posted on the forum in this respect. Less than 1% of the things posted in the Tavern ever get implemented. Yes, God and Species ideas are even less likely to get in, but it's always possible. Futhermore, often when people discuss game design ideas, they aren't just trying to get something in the game, but also trying to improve their idea of crawl design in general:
WildSam wrote:And the secondary goal of this proposal is learning about acquirement logic: should it give you stuff usable for you (and then giving devs idea about fixing this) or stuff usable for you at the moment (which i believe to hurt my favorite race).
Even if they don't come with this goal specifically, people do learn what not to do in a proposal:
Choko5 wrote:Yeah, this was stupid. What was I thinking?
Thank you for all the reasonable comments.
At least I learned something from this.
Just because a thread doesn't result in anything in the game doesn't mean that it hasn't produced anything of value.
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