Do forum sessions have a timer now?

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Shoals Surfer

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Post Sunday, 22nd March 2020, 17:26

Do forum sessions have a timer now?

I had typed a goddam essay in the positional magic feedback thread in "quick reply" mode, then I switched to the full editor to check the formatting, and instead it took me back to the login screen. And so my post was gone, like tears in the rain.
This took a little less than an hour, I reckon. This is not how this board used to work, is it? Why change it to this (if it was indeed changed)? What the hell is the point of session timeouts in a freakin forum board anyway?

Ziggurat Zagger

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Re: Do forum sessions have a timer now?

I'm pretty sure no-one has touched the forum code in well over a decade...
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Post Saturday, 28th March 2020, 19:57

Re: Do forum sessions have a timer now?

If it was a good essay (criticism I haven't thought of myself, supportive of notions i've already put forth, not whining about the changes), I think you should try posting a brief outline of it, quickly hitting its main points. Otherwise, wow, that sucks bro. (Feel free to reach out over PMs if you're unsure whether your lost poast was good.)
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Slime Squisher

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Post Saturday, 25th September 2021, 21:59

Re: Do forum sessions have a timer now?

I think it depends on how you login, like, there is a checkbox that if you don't check, you get logged out after a little while.

BTW, it is precisely because I hate losing what I've typed that I've developed the habit of never submitting any form with a substantial amount of text without first copying that text to the clipboard. It usually doesn't make a difference, but when it does, it's a powerful stress-prevention strategy.

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