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Tavern Rules Location

PostPosted: Friday, 3rd February 2017, 20:19
by Floodkiller
Where is the current location for the rules for posting on the Tavern? I was curious after seeing this thread closed (which I am not arguing about, I agree that it was just going to go places that probably don't belong on a roguelike discussion forum), but I only found the GDD guidelines for a stickied rules thread. I don't see any other stickied threads in relation to the rules, and I didn't spot them in the FAQ or on LearnDB either. The Terms of Use has one line by stating "You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any laws be it of your country, the country where “The Tavern” is hosted or International Law.", but doesn't go much further than that past stating legal necessities.

If there is a rule thread/page and I'm just being oblivious, could I get a link? Additionally, regardless if there is a rules thread/page or if the Terms of Use are the only currently applied rules, is it possible to make a global stickied thread stating those rules for ease of access/reference?

Re: Tavern Rules Location

PostPosted: Friday, 3rd February 2017, 23:20
by Dioneo
I recall Archaeo mentioning something about the disappearance of stickied rules-threads a while back so they seemingly aren't available at present. I also think there were talks of perhaps restructuring the forums somehow, which may mean that the rules are due for an update soon anyway.

Re: Tavern Rules Location

PostPosted: Saturday, 4th February 2017, 13:04
by lethediver
I guess the idea is: this is a small forum. The smaller the forum, the easier it to rely on rule by consensus-of-the-powerful rather than any concrete rules --- which are rarely ever more than a pretense to appease the masses anyway, in some societies less flimsy than others, but a pretense nonetheless.

There should be a sticky that pretty much states "if we mods do not like your post for whatever reason, then we will remove it. Here are some examples, by no means comprehensive, of things we don't like. Good luck." May as well make the current system explicit.

Re: Tavern Rules Location

PostPosted: Sunday, 5th February 2017, 17:19
by Lasty
You're right that the old rules post was destroyed somehow. It took a little digging, but I found a thread referencing the old tavern rules in their entirety (at least at the time). I've posted that as a global announcement, which should make it significantly easier to find.

@lethediver, the forum would be amazingly different place if each mod deleted the posts they just didn't like; for example, I don't like your post, and yet there it still is. Good moderation does in fact require the exercise of judgment, but that doesn't mean it's a free-for-all.