Another Thank thread

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Another Thank thread

To me, thanks really aren't that complicated

Thanks = the person who thanked this is happy that you posted it for one reason or another

If someone thanks someone ironically, who cares? Its not like people don't realize that and are being mislead. Also, its not the forums job to create a safe space free of sarcastic remarks and rudeness, as long as people aren't breaking the rules then there isn't an issue. Its no secret that The Tavern has a lot of sarcastic and sometimes borderline mean individuals, but to my knowledge, the majority of the people who go on this forum are adults who should be more than capable to handling a few blows to the ego now and then. Its an important part of all forums to allow this sort of light-hearted mischief, it prevents people from taking themselves too seriously.

As long as we enforce well defined rules and continue to encourage bringing confrontation to PM's, we aren't going to have any issues.

Thanks being removed, in hindsight, was a horrible mistake that really didn't make any sense, and that is becoming increasingly obvious the longer we go without them. I am constantly finding myself frustrated at the fact that the thank button isn't there. All it does is make scrolling through multiple pages(or even one half full page) significantly more inconvenient.

Its been an interesting experiment and I'm happy the mods were willing to try something new, but its really not working. Its just making things awkward and more unorganized.
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Re: Another Thank thread

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Re: Another Thank thread

The mods have been discussing thanks, and the experiment is nearly over. When we know what we're going to do next, we'll be sure to let everyone know.

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Re: Another Thank thread

Thank you for the feedback!

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Re: Another Thank thread

How about renaming thanks to snarks, and leaving it at that? Then the passive-aggressive version is an actual thank, and the straightforward version is the snarky response. Imagine, having to choose between irony and sarcasm! How could anyone have their feelings hurt in such an arrangement?

Plus, Snark and Thanks are the same word, just spelled back to front, with the letters re-arranged and changed as necessary. Don't check, just take my word for that.

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