Contentless Duvessa posts and lack of enforcement

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Contentless Duvessa posts and lack of enforcement

I come back to these forums after being gone for quite a long time, read a few GDD posts, and remember why I was gone...

Why is it that Duvessa is allowed to continue this schtick of making wild, unsubstantiated claims with no explanation or logical argument behind it whatsoever? I mean, it's a very effective political tactic, after all how can someone counter your argument if you don't actually make one, but it's hardly conducive to a real discussion to have this person drop in with a one liner, with the implication that it's so blindingly obvious that it needs no explanation. It's trolling at its finest, and quite effective at getting people to stop disagreeing with you, but it's terrible for earnest discussion.

If someone can't be bothered to back up their claims, then their post isn't worth keeping. Stop letting one bully dominate the discussion...

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Re: Contentless Duvessa posts and lack of enforcement

People should use the report button on posts they feel break the rules. You're also free to put people on your "foe" list if you find their posts disagreeable, which will hide them from view. Or you can PM other users to let them know about your concerns.

This kind of "call out" thread, however, is just asking for a lot of very unhelpful drama, so I'm locking it. Another mod can feel free to delete it, but I thought it was worth reminding everyone that a) this kind of post is the least helpful way to solve an interpersonal dispute, and b) the mods are happy to respond to reports, so try reporting things when you've got a problem with them.

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