Recieved board warning for "Being toxic"

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Recieved board warning for "Being toxic"

For this post:
Yeah, I was certainly being sarcastic, but I was making a point, without insulting anyone. And that sort of thing has been allowed here for as long as I've read this board.(In fact, lots of mods here actually thank posts like this!)

So... have the rules suddenly changed? Or am I missing something here? This style of posting is certainly nothing new to the tavern!

If this is a new rule, I'd like it to be enforced against everyone evenly at least, and ideally, it would be documented.

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Re: Recieved board warning for "Being toxic"

It is documented: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7178 ("moderation of GDD is significantly harsher than moderation of the other subforums", etc). The post which you were warned for certainly qualified as non-constructive and unhelpful. This subforum also isn't the place to complain about warnings, you're welcome to PM one of the other moderators if you feel that you've been treated unfairly, and to report any GDD posts you notice which are similarly negative and don't contribute in any useful way.

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