Bad posts in GDD

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Bad posts in GDD

GDD has had some interesting and animated discussions lately, and I credit both the moderation staff and those posting in the threads for maintaining at least the appearance of civility throughout. However, I've seen plenty of low-content posts in the forum. These range from pointless, "I agree," "I once had a game where the situation you describe happened," through distracting derails and unfunny jokes.

Half-baked suggestions are fine, they often lead to enlightening comments about why things should or shouldn't be a certain way, but irrelevant posts clutter up threads and encourage a low-effort posting environment which seems to lead to a double standard where a topic starter is railed for failing to peruse design documents or to dredge up years-old threads while the fourth person to reply gets away with some whack one-liner. I don't think I need to point out specific examples; the phenomenon is very pervasive, with excellent posters (even mods!) being guilty as often as impressionable newbies.

A minimum of thought, effort, and relevance should be expected from users replying to threads in GDD. I don't want a bunch of people to be punished for making bad posts in that forum, at least not until new standards are established, but I do think it would be improved if zero-content posts were regularly pruned.

Understand that I don't mean to belittle the work moderators are already doing, Tavern is a good forum and the mods are cool, but to encourage regular users to resist the urge to make those sorts of weak replies which deflate potentially good threads.

NB: I'm not really asking for a new rule...
Grimm wrote:Provide constructive criticism. Brief posts with no justification behind them (things like "this is obviously a bad idea", "this would be useless", "this would be overpowered") are likely to be removed.

...just that removal be made more likely!

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Re: Bad posts in GDD

This seems like a reasonable suggestion to me, and unless I hear otherwise from other mods, I'll start doing as you propose.

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Re: Bad posts in GDD

I personally appreciate it that we are not on (this is not a play on words, I mean the actual site) where a fake air of scientific supermacy domitnates. It's laughable.

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