Shouldn't Critics be Critiques?

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Shouldn't Critics be Critiques?

Shouldn't Critics be Critiques in the title of this form?

That's my critic, err, critique anyway. :) I mean critics will make critiques, and trolls will troll, but not all critiques are from critics. If you have to be a critic to make a critique that raises two fundamental questions:

1) What kind of credentials are required to be a critic (and how do you verify them). This is vital as otherwise you just have trolls.

and more importantly:

2) By specifying critics you exclude constructive critiques from otherwise (mostly) happy players.

This critic is serious, but pedantic, and I hope the powers that be take it in the spirit that it's given in.

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Re: Shouldn't Critics be Critiques?

Or flip it the other way and change "Suggestions" to "Suggesters"...
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Re: Shouldn't Critics be Critiques?

Please report bugs to the bug tracker, and leave feedback on the development wiki. Thank you!

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