New Moderator: Lasty

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New Moderator: Lasty

Hey everyone, please welcome your new moderator/(mostly) benevolent dictator

... Lasty!

Lasty has been a moderator for a little while now, technically, but I thought an official announcement was in order. And, well, better late than never.

Even before becoming a mod, Lasty has on several occasions helpfully reminded people about GDD requirements in threads that had gone off the track, helped other threads get back on topic, and has generally been a helpful and cool guy. So, go grab a beer, raise it, and welcome our new(ish) mod. Huzzah!

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Re: New Moderator: Lasty

Also welcome your other new moderator, gammafunk.

gammafunk, or perhaps I should call him gammadunk as most of his so-called friends do, is so bad at crawl the mod team apparently decided to give him mod powers in pity. Guy can't even win a simple MiBe. Or maybe they decided to give him moderator powers since he hasn't done anything for the devteam lately.

im joking please dont ban me

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Re: New Moderator: Lasty

Is it possible to give developers/moderators a new status? Dungeon Master - Barkeep or something?

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Re: New Moderator: Lasty

I am not a very good player. My mouth is a foul pit of LIES. KNOW THIS.

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