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GDD now has 3 permanent and 2 pinned topics. Just a reminder that for those of us with smaller screens, this makes it so we have to scroll to see any new articles in a forum.

It would be ideal for any forum to have no more than one sticky or pinned topic, and for it to be direct and if need be, have links to any other tangential or metadata that needs to be shown.

Stickies and pinned topics are a total slippery slope, and if unchecked, will lead to the first 2 pages of your forum being completely irrelevant, which is humorously ironic.

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Re: Clutter

Agreed, I unstickied the particularly unnecessary one and moved the item statistics thread so that it's linked from the main readme.

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Re: Clutter

To reduce space, I'd combine "You Must Read This Before Posting in GDD" into "Really Short Forum Rules" announcement because their thread titles make them appear redundant.
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