Gozag power bribe branch is disappointment.

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Gozag power bribe branch is disappointment.

Sentence using Google Translator. I hope to understand.
When Gozag appeared, I, the bribe branch of his power that was very exciting.
Beogh and Nemelex Xobeh without it getting colleagues to meet the wishes of the people want him.
They require too much gold. Contract period and come back too soon. (NO.1 picture)
I think this is good, but this deal went unreasonable. and worse was the tyranny.

hey, How to use this power did I misunderstand?
This is a disappointing joke. very disappointing.

I suggest a change.
A - I pay a deposit to a colleague, lowers the level pay.
1d30 + {colleague HD x [colleague HD - The total number of contracts with him(Limit is 10 or more)]}
It employs the beginning prevents strong targets.
B - Contract is to be extended several times higher, the longer the period of extension. bagic is 300turn. and, own 1 extension each + 15~30%turn(turn Limit is 2000 or less)
When the time is nearing a contract extension, [No.2] picture. siver mark is contract extension time is When less than 30%. gole mark is 15%.

I do not want to wish to all.
However, on the basis of this method, i want he was useful after.
Other suggestions are always welcome. :)
Thank reading.

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Re: Gozag power bribe branch is disappointment.

For the love of god:


Seriously, how have the mods not seen this and redirected him yet?
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Re: Gozag power bribe branch is disappointment.

sdynet found the correct forum on his own, fortunately: https://crawl.develz.org/tavern/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=12363

(Admittedly for someone first coming around the Tavern, it isn't unreasonable to think that game design suggestions should perhaps go in "Suggestions and Criticism.")

There are lots of folks around here who speak languages other than English, sdynet. Check out the "Stranger's Corner" under the Annex on the main Tavern site.

Locking the thread.

Tiktacy: Next time just report it, buddy. ;)

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