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CIP - TrWz^Oka - last hurrah for destroying walls with LRD

A "simple" species with one of the worst overall magic aptitudes in the game, yet because you don't need a lot of skill investment for summoning imps, canine familiars or blinking, TrWz is nonetheless viable, but riskier than playing only to a Troll's strengths. The opposite of a DDFi goin...

Friday, 17th August 2018, 18:17

Forum: Crazy Yiuf's Corner

Topic: [proclick] new fork, hellcrawl

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Re: [proclick] new fork, hellcrawl

Here's a suggestion, if removing Xom is still being considered: merge Makhleb, Trog and Xom into a single blood god of chaos and call it something like Throxomneb or perhaps something even more khorny, then make such into a god who, instead of despising all magic with a strange blind spot for evocat...

YAVP - Hybrid DDFi of Makhleb - Yet another first 3-rune win

While this game categorizes Gargoyles and Trolls as "simple" while humans and Deep Dwarves are categorized as "intermediate", I almost had a first 3-rune victory with a Human Wanderer that died to an unlucky blink, malmutate spam from 2 orbs coming from opposite sides in Zot:5 an...

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