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Saturday, 5th March 2011, 00:59

Forum: Game Design Discussion

Topic: Getting rid of Fighting.

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Re: Getting rid of Fighting.

It's just damn better to give a lot more HP bonus from Strenght gain... Melee characters would more often than not put points ins STR and gain the HP bonus. Casters? Not that often. This also has the secondary benefit (in my opinion) of making it so that 'strenght-oriented', armored and optionally s...

Wednesday, 2nd March 2011, 21:22

Forum: Game Design Discussion

Topic: Treasure Chests

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Treasure Chests

Is strikes me as odd that in a dungeon delving game there are no treasure chests. They are a common enough cliche of dungeon-based adventures to justify their appearance in Crawl, right? Treasure chests are traditionally guarded by tough monsters, present opportunity for the Dungeon to throw traps a...

Wednesday, 2nd March 2011, 21:09

Forum: Game Design Discussion

Topic: Highscore Table

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Re: Highscore Table

The dead characters information is kept at distinct files at the morgue folder, corret? There must be one aggregating file, though, so that the score screen is displayed easily. My question is: which file is that? What information of each character does it contain? It might be difficult to do generi...

Monday, 28th February 2011, 04:53

Forum: Game Design Discussion

Topic: Option to autocast buff spells.

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Re: Option to autocast buff spells.

I like the reserved mana mechanic in the games I see it. Don't really play casters in Crawl, so my oppinion might be utterly dispensable. Nonetheless, reserved mana is a common feature of some adventure games (Titan Quest comes to mind) because it seems 'natural' that lasting powers have lasting cos...

Wednesday, 23rd February 2011, 05:58

Forum: Game Design Discussion

Topic: Transparent bolt bouncing

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Re: Transparent bolt bouncing

Actually, if you have only two colors available (relevant in the ASCII case), you can use the 'normal' color for "hit once" and the 'brighter color' for "hit twice-or-more". Experimenting with different possible targets before shooting will give the player a good enough idea of h...

Wednesday, 23rd February 2011, 05:49

Forum: Game Design Discussion

Topic: Don't spawn insta-kill monsters by stairs

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Re: Don't spawn insta-kill monsters by stairs

What if when you tried to go down/up stairs that have a monster adjacent to them (in the next level, the one you're going to) the game prompted you? "There seems to be a monster near the stairs. You can hear it [insert the sound the monster makes, such as 'talk', 'hiss', 'roar']. Do you really ...

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