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Wednesday, 29th December 2010, 05:56

Forum: Dungeon Crawling Advice

Topic: *Rage weapons

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Re: *Rage weapons

They cause random berserk? I don't recall ever having that happen to me before. I've always had to use the [A]bility.

Friday, 24th December 2010, 22:08

Forum: Crazy Yiuf's Corner

Topic: Best/Worst Artifacts

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Re: Best/Worst Artifacts

The only reason I have 13 skill points in Polearms on my paladin: +8, +3 Spear of the Jester, drain, rPois, rC+, SInv Served me well through Hive, Lair, Shoals, and Swamp until: +11, +4 Double Sword of Destiny, Slice, +Lev, Dex +2 Sadly I left behind the +3 Crystal Plate Mail in my stash due to +Cur...

Friday, 24th December 2010, 21:58

Forum: YASD! YAVP! and characters in progress too

Topic: YASD: Curse you, Mennas!

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Re: YASD: Curse you, Mennas!

I'm sorry, please don't beat me to death, but I just have to say this or else it will just repeat endlessly in my head...

"Mennas? More like Man-Ass! Am I right?"

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