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Friday, 21st January 2011, 15:25

Forum: Game Design Discussion

Topic: Early-game adjustments

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Re: Early-game adjustments

Brain worms would need an experience reduction to appear early as they are non-threats for the majority of characters yet give a large amount of exp. (I would place current brain worms as the best possible find for an xl 1 Lugonite CK in the starting abyss.)

Tuesday, 18th January 2011, 20:27

Forum: Dungeon Crawling Advice

Topic: SpBe Zot Run- looking for pointers

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Re: SpBe Zot Run- looking for pointers

If you have any silver sling bullets, they do double damage against orbs of fire and ancient liches, two of the biggest threats on zot:5.

Thursday, 23rd December 2010, 14:48

Forum: Dungeon Crawling Advice

Topic: Makhleb: Chance of hostile servances

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Re: Makhleb: Chance of hostile servances

70 - (Piety/25) - (Invo skill * 4) is the failure rate of the invocation itself. Failing this check means the ability is not used. If random2(20 + you.skills[SK_INVOCATIONS] * 3) > 3, the summon is friendly. Lesser and greater servants both use the same friendliness check so lesser is not more likel...

Friday, 17th December 2010, 23:13

Forum: Crazy Yiuf's Corner

Topic: .ttyrecs

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Re: .ttyrecs

The ttyrecs can be found at for CAO games and for CDO games. The easiest way to figure out which ttyrecs belong to a specific game is to use the bots in ##crawl.

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