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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 00036535Bug Reportminornew2011-03-26golan2072Glyphs in "Items here" list are confusing to tiles players
 0003651 Bug Reportminornew2011-03-24SinsI"Magic restored" doesn't work as a trigger in Runrest_messages.txt
 0003626 Bug Reportminornew2011-03-21KiloBytedeletion of clouds on taking stairs is abusable
 0003553 Bug Reporttrivialnew2011-03-10OG17!D ignores butchering
 00034408Bug Reportminornew2011-02-17beinleda's liquefaction and flying
 00033702Bug Reportminornew2011-02-02zizXcode project does not build properly (crawl-cmd, others?)
 0003316 Bug Reportminornew2011-01-28PedjtPenetration and Invisibility (Ilsuiw)
 00033002Bug Reportminornew2011-01-26casmith789Clouds of temporary effects drop too quickly off the level
 0003262 Bug Reportminornew2011-01-21OG17Failed status effects give misleading messages on status-immune monsters
 00032611Bug Reportminornew2011-01-21OG17Stationary monsters can't be slowed or hasted
 0003192 Bug Reportminornew2011-01-10jasonspiro[Tiles] Multi-key rollover sometimes causes unwanted key repeat on on a Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop
 00031752Bug Reportminornew2011-01-09KiloByteCROSSHOST forces building contribs, misdetects ncurses
 00031696Bug Reportminornew2011-01-08KoboldLordmissing items in sewer vault
 0003142 Bug Reportminornew2011-01-04JoellercoasterCmd-H to "hide crawl" doesn't
 00024624Bug Reportmajornew2011-01-02hesselinkUnable to build no-deps version because of missing contrib dir
 0003029 Bug Reporttrivialnew2010-12-24minmayTiles: ghost without blade hands shows blade hands
 0002997 Bug Reportminornew2010-12-17Nobody"Repeat last action" loses its target
 0002948 Bug Reportminornew2010-12-09smockSteam Draconian breath cover fewer tile after self-target
 00028271Bug Reportminornew2010-11-27tigenCygwin and PCRE
 0002833 Bug Reportminornew2010-11-14MarvinPACommand repeat causes random unrelated actions
 0002655 Bug Reportminornew2010-09-27OG17Messages are out of order for offscreen levelling kills
 00026521Implementablesfeaturenew2010-09-27dpegArena mode interface
 00026083Bug Reportminornew2010-09-26Lemuelno multi-colored walls in Elf
 00023652FR: Interface Improvementsminornew2010-09-04galeharlong macros should be interrupted when monsters come in sight
 00021912Bug Reportminornew2010-08-24Core XiiStairs white on map, red at top
 00023172FR: Interface Improvementsminornew2010-08-19NexosImplement a setting to auto-remove identified items from current shopping list
 0001891 Bug Reportminoracknowledged2010-08-18elliptic"DEAD MONSTER vanishes!" message
 00018363FR: Interface Improvementsfeaturenew2010-08-10KrishhHave tiles inventory provide more information.
 0002141 Bug Reportminornew2010-07-30NexosUnIDed non-artefact robes not marked as {unknown} in morgue file
 00001464FR: Otherminornew2010-07-27jpegAdd message history to the arena log
 0002086 Bug Reportminornew2010-07-26garrontile_map_pixels is now a maximum value instead of specific value
 00020821Documentationminornew2010-07-25OG17Arena examples are lacking
 00020122Bug Reportminornew2010-07-19CabSome issues with the arena
 00018691Bug Reportmajoracknowledged2010-07-09robslow resting in sprint
 0001887 Bug Reportminoracknowledged2010-07-05KiloBytebeholding code causes a slowdown
 0001825 FR: Interface Improvementstweaknew2010-06-25ortoslonnotify when item in shoplist becomes wearable
 00018142FR: Interface Improvementstrivialnew2010-06-24Core XiiTrap under fungus
 00007808FR: Otherfeaturenew2010-06-22PseudonutGive enslaved souls special speech (Monsters too happy about their souls being enslaved)
 0001714 Bug Reportminornew2010-06-09RobsoieRight-Click when inside an informative panel does not return to the game anymore
 00012464FR: Interface Improvementsminornew2010-05-29OG17Allow inscribing rods and spell-books from description
 00016174FR: Otherminornew2010-05-26Lemuelmonsters with minds should understand corners; mindless monsters should not understand cover
 0001583 Bug Reporttextnew2010-05-19HappyliskInaccurate description for confused cyclops
 0001123 Bug Reportminornew2010-03-19ortoslontile_tooltip_ms affects message area descriptions
 00006061Bug Reportminorconfirmed2010-02-24TGWno_vi_command_keys.txt breaks *-dir
 0000065 FR: Otherfeaturenew2009-11-27doyIn-game bug report interface
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