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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 00048557Implementablesfeaturenew2011-12-19ion_frigateAbilities which cost something permanent should default to capital letters
 0005086 Bug Reportcrashnew2011-12-18LexAcksonDistortion banishing crits & monster AI in shoals.
 0005071 Bug Reportminornew2011-12-16ellipticSome uniques have their gear autoinscribed even if you never saw them.
 00050632Bug Reportminornew2011-12-15ortoslonenemies not waking up from zombies' hits
 0005061 Bug Reportminornew2011-12-15cerebovssquireZin piety in Sprint is broken
 0005060 Bug Reportminornew2011-12-15blueDaveTracer missing sometimes with repeat cmd `
 00050352Bug Reporttrivialnew2011-12-14PorostYou can see poison wearing off on submerged enemies
 0005012 Bug Reportminornew2011-12-05ellipticflash_monster_colour() doesn't seem to work anymore
 00049162Bug Reportminornew2011-11-25ellipticCorruption-summoned monsters attack each other if you attack them.
 00040762Bug Reportminorassigned (edlothiol)2011-10-23MedarWebTiles: can't use dead keys
 00024461Bug Reportmajornew2011-10-22minmayAutotravel should halt when silenced squares are noticed
 00020926Bug Reportminoracknowledged2011-10-22casmith789< doesn't work in force message prompt
 0004787 Bug Reportminornew2011-10-21XuaXuaCtrl-lclick on ally 2 spaces away with reaching weapon does not give option to attack
 00047491Bug Reportminornew2011-10-15stBizarre display bug possibly related to jiyva
 0004695 Bug Reportminornew2011-10-06stAutoexploring into merging slime creatures does not clear the green flash
 00046771Bug Reportminornew2011-10-04duaneBinding y Rebinds 7
 00046661Bug Reportminornew2011-10-02ebarrettYred's Enslave Soul creates permanently invisible spectrals.
 0004665 Bug Reportminornew2011-10-01smockMonsters wielding weapons appear as if they not after transforming
 0004615 Bug Reportmajornew2011-09-25TiberRandom Fedhas Penance
 0004563 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-18Mental MouseFelid transmuters can't use mouse/tiles to wield arrows
 0004550 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-16reidweapon choice is inconsistently remembered at game start (not the same as 4537)
 00035035Implementablesminornew2011-09-15galeharTile request: side view of spiders
 0004520 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-08reiddgn.terrain_changed doesn't check for clinging monsters
 0004519 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-08reiddrowning a clinging monster by digging does not give XP
 0004518 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-08reidconfused movement can break the rules of clinging
 0004513 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-07minmayGreedy autoexplore doesn't work in Abyss
 00045121Bug Reportminornew2011-09-07AapoRantalainenGLES-tiles crashes on startup: '' at line 79
 0004498 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-03mumraSpawning oklobs in view (using LUA) causes message spam
 0004494 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-03TonfaNo warning for firing in the direction of a jelly as a Jiyva worshipper
 0004490 Bug Reportminornew2011-09-02smockAquatic races in ice form can butcher in deep water
 00044353Bug Reportminornew2011-08-29dtsundCerebov sometimes doesn't follow the player out of cerebov_st
 00044172Bug Reportminornew2011-08-23OptimistCan't move on keyboard numbers if enemy nearby
 00037464Bug Reportcrashnew2011-08-18Gigalithfail when loading a save causes a crash
 00038962Bug Reportcrashnew2011-08-13sxoz"tile_layout_priority = memorisation" freezes on startup
 00043872Bug Reporttrivialnew2011-08-12XuaXuaFont used for inventory has uppercase i look like lowercase L
 00043751Bug Reportminornew2011-08-10SamB"poisoning" hint-mode text should be expanded for the Berserker
 00043301Bug Reporttrivialnew (dpeg)2011-07-31XuaXuaossuary_due_cavern has unviewable trapped flying skull
 0004319 Bug Reportminornew2011-07-25mikeeautotravel not interrupted by invisible monster
 0004300 Bug Reportminornew2011-07-20nubiniaFlying skull won't fly over water
 0004275 Bug Reporttrivialnew2011-07-17RegnixRedundant options on Instructions menu
 00041993Bug Reportminornew2011-07-15KiloBytemonster pathfinding gets confused by traps
 0004229 Bug Reportminornew2011-07-07rriegsMap-mode set-waypoint confirmations are invisible in tiles
 00041982Bug Reportminornew2011-07-01rriegsAsh ego ID inconsistent for find/get menus
 00041792Bug Reportminornew2011-06-27sxozunicode glyphs no longer work
 0004116 Bug Reportminornew2011-06-08doublepportal: ossuary_due_cavern baddies are not woken up
 0004059 Bug Reporttrivialnew2011-05-27velociraptureFleeing gecko traveled across lava.
 00017011Bug Reporttextnew2011-05-26rlbond86Shops are confusing if easy_confirm = none
 0004049 Bug Reportminornew2011-05-26LexAcksonWhen using the ` key to repeat and action a force_more_message will not trigger.
 00040401Bug Reportminornew2011-05-24rriegsMy invisibility leads orc wizard to attack his fellow warrior
 0003980 Bug Reportminornew2011-05-15schuayCannot set macro dir default to other locations in ~ than ~/.crawl
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