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  ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedReporterSummary
 00118871Bug Reportminornew2019-02-19NormalPerson7Dancing weapon info shown twice on hover with 'x'
 00118881Bug Reportfeaturenew2019-02-19BananaGloryYellow draconian scale bug
 0011885 Bug Reportmajornew2019-02-17NormalPerson7Ozocubu's Refrigeration's damage is one third of what it used to be
 0011883 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-17CanOfWormsAllies can't be spawned on traps
 0011882 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-16Le_NerdShafts collapse without shafting monster
 0011881 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-15Ge0ffBeogh's Extra pane shows wrong items when followers are on another floor
 00118637Bug Reportcrashnew2019-02-14tomtheratSave files corrupted by update to 23.0
 0011879 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-14YermakSacrificing a hand made my {*Contam} ring jump to the other finger.
 00118335Bug Reportminornew2019-02-13blorx1Wand of Digging targeter on Barachi is too short.
 0011878 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-13FlugkillerCan see item that's not in LOS where I have not explored before
 0011877 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-13TmoiyAllied shambling mangrove's roots only target itself
 00118602Bug Reportminornew2019-02-13Sage1234Wand of digging reports indestructible wall is out of range
 0011875 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-12NormalPerson7Pikel's wand not announced when he came into los with other monsters
 00118741Bug Reporttweaknew2019-02-12damerellReduction in wand charges sits uneasily with digging trove.
 0011870 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-10kitchen_aceVampires abilities description is incorrect
 00118691Bug Reportcrashnew2019-02-09Princepon22.1 Save File to 23.0 Gauntlet Crash
 00118664Bug Reportminornew2019-02-09TurgonGold pieces are sometimes not shown on top of piles - I have to save and restart
 0011867 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-09thmsdrewCertain closed translucent vaults do not allow resumption of autoexplore
 00118642Bug Reportminornew2019-02-09sterraMerfolk transmuter no free body parts
 0011862 Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-02-07GoratrixJewellery autopickup behavior changed after monster inventory ID change
 0011861 Bug Reportcrashnew2019-02-07advilLua error handling vs c++ stack
 00118592Bug Reportminornew2019-02-07ggurmanItem purchased in jewelry shop didn't match item listed
 0011856 Bug Reporttrivialnew2019-02-06Le_Nerdsearching for "demon" will only return holy brand artifacts
 0011853 Bug Reportminornew2019-02-05drifter255wrong description on x-v monster's fire storm range information
 00118522Bug Reportminornew2019-02-05SiegurtCharacter doll editor doesn't fit properly
 00118342Bug Reportminorconfirmed2019-02-03Laretmeatsprint is VERY easy
 00117641Bug Reportminornew2019-02-03nubiniaAutoexplore fails (near translucent wall)
 001157411Bug Reportminornew (advil)2019-02-02RoGGaWindows Trunk downloads 1 week old on [^]
 00117821Bug Reportminornew2019-02-02minmayi_feel_safe despite having monsters in view
 00113061Bug Reporttextnew2019-02-01NormalPerson7Trying to put on incompatible armour in forms results in unhelpful message of wrong item type.
 00118501Bug Reportminorconfirmed2019-02-01geekosaurcrawl thinks all of D:12 is a Vaults entrance?
 00118491Bug Reportminornew2019-01-29KuprinVaults 3 Floor Extremely Small (Due to Ghost Vault?)
 0011848 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-29GrumpyCatEnemy transmuters: corrosion status disappears when they change form
 0011847 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-29CanOfWormsRiposte + constriction + stairs bug
 0011846 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-29CanOfWormsBribing behaviour issues
 0011845 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-28CanOfWormsLong filepaths can overflow and overlap text
 0011844 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-28pedantMost buttons on random character selection screen are treated as 'y'
 0011842 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-27NormalPerson7Dying as a felid can place you earlier on in a gauntlet
 00090882Implementablesfeaturenew2019-01-27brendanTiles chat ignore
 0011841 Bug Reportcrashnew2019-01-26kitchen_aceCrash in gauntlet when stepping on dispersal trap
 00094956Patchesfeaturenew2019-01-25Sandman25<Monster> comes into view again
 000560716Implementablesminornew2019-01-24neilPassword reset for WebTiles
 0011222 Upload: Graphicsminorassigned (ebering)2019-01-24Ultraviolent4Icon for Haunted monster status
 00112381Upload: Graphicsminorassigned (ebering)2019-01-24Ultraviolent4Icon for silenced monsters
 00118391Bug Reportminornew2019-01-22minmayPotion Petition ignores "no potion heal"
 0011835 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-21RoGGain long text box, lines a skipper with PgDn
 00118324Bug Reportminornew2019-01-21kitchen_aceCtrl-[ causes the game to end
 00116741Bug Reportminornew2019-01-14kitchen_aceTimed portals sometimes don't give messages about how close they are, or how long they have left
 0011825 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-12CanOfWormsPasswall/Nemelex gifting messaging
 0011822 Bug Reportminornew2019-01-10kurzedmetalPhial of Floods not marked as dangerous_item if sacrificed Love with Ru
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