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0009852 [DCSS] Bug Report minor always 2015-07-11 17:44 2015-11-29 03:59
Reporter Kvaak View Status public  
Assigned To wheals
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status resolved   Product Branch 0.17 ancient branch
Summary 0009852: Lurking horrors, lost souls, and other 0-XP monsters aren't considered dangerous.
Description There's no message when one comes into view, it doesn't show up on the monster list and x+ won't cycle through it.
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- Relationships
related to 0005373resolvedwheals spells do not target crawling corpses 
has duplicate 0009863closedneil Lost soul aren't selected when cycling trough possible targets 
has duplicate 0009965resolvedwheals Autotarget fails for lost souls 
related to 0009532closedwheals Tentacles are not treated as targets for rods 

-  Notes
neil (administrator)
2015-07-15 23:42

In 0009863 nago describes another symptom:

When firing/zapping a spell, lost souls aren't select among the possible targets, and it's necessary to manual aim for them - even if they are the only visible target in LOS.

This applies to all no-exp monsters, but confusingly not to conjured-only things like IOOD that are always worth 0 XP but don't have the no-exp flag.
neil (administrator)
2015-07-15 23:44
edited on: 2015-07-15 23:47

amalloy has a fix for this at [^] , but IIRC it still needs some tweaks: I don't think it was ever decided which monsters should get which flag; and a few of the checks like Gozag goldification use (IMO) the wrong flag.

Medar (developer)
2015-09-27 09:42

Added related issue "spells do not target crawling corpses". (Maybe duplicate would have been better?)
wheals (administrator)
2015-11-29 03:59

Fixed by recent changes to "harmless"/0-xp monster handling.

- Issue History
Date Modified Username Field Change
2015-07-11 17:44 Kvaak New Issue
2015-07-15 23:36 neil Relationship added has duplicate 0009863
2015-07-15 23:36 neil Summary Lurking horrors aren't considered dangerous. => Lurking horrors, lost souls, and other 0-XP monsters aren't considered dangerous.
2015-07-15 23:42 neil Note Added: 0029329
2015-07-15 23:44 neil Note Added: 0029330
2015-07-15 23:46 neil Note Edited: 0029330
2015-07-15 23:47 neil Note Edited: 0029330
2015-09-20 03:04 wheals Relationship added has duplicate 0009965
2015-09-27 09:41 Medar Relationship added related to 0005373
2015-09-27 09:42 Medar Note Added: 0029545
2015-11-27 17:24 wheals Relationship added related to 0009532
2015-11-29 03:59 wheals Note Added: 0029891
2015-11-29 03:59 wheals Status new => resolved
2015-11-29 03:59 wheals Fixed in Branch => 0.18 development branch
2015-11-29 03:59 wheals Resolution open => done
2015-11-29 03:59 wheals Assigned To => wheals

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