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0009201 [DCSS] Bug Report minor have not tried 2014-11-17 02:51 2021-02-25 18:27
Reporter NOPE View Status public  
Assigned To PleasingFungus
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status resolved   Product Branch 0.16 ancient branch
Summary 0009201: Ghost moth watching "@player_only@"
Description Walking around with some skeletons and they were attacking an invisible ghost moth. I'm guessing the message was triggering on the skeletons instead of the player, thus the "@player_only@"?
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Attached Files png file icon Ghost Moth Bert Staring.png [^] (310,770 bytes) 2014-11-17 02:51
png file icon 2017-06-06_01-01-40_bug.png [^] (239,031 bytes) 2017-06-06 09:43

- Relationships
has duplicate 0009585closedPleasingFungus @player_only@ is not removed from ghost moth message 
has duplicate 0009854resolvedKate ghost moth message bug 
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-  Notes
PleasingFungus (administrator)
2015-03-27 18:31

Yeah, from my attempt to duplicate this a while ago, this happens when ghost moths use their gaze on monsters.
amalloy (developer)
2015-04-06 21:28

This happened to me too, after Corrupting Spider:5. I think it was trying to target me, since it had already drained some of my MP: maybe this happens when the ghost moth targets me, but there's a monster in between us?
wheals (administrator)
2015-11-02 00:46

It happens when a monster is neutral; the part of the code responsible for allowing things marked @player_only@ treats it as being hostile to you, but the part of the code responsible for actually stripping out @player_only@ does not.
Kenran (reporter)
2017-06-06 09:46

I have gotten this bug yesterday in the 0.20 tournament version and attached a screenshot showing it. There were no neutral monsters, only some stumbling draconians (I was invisible) and I think 2 low-level box of beasts summons. Maybe it has something to do with the larval weirdshock beast bursting into living lightning (maybe this is neutral)?
rchandra (reporter)
2017-06-09 05:12

Got it today (0.20 tournament), with Beogh.

_You feel you are being watched by something. @player_only@
 You feel you are being watched by something.
_You feel your power leaking away. [^]
golthoon (reporter)
2017-12-29 14:12

Also occurs with Jiyva worshipers. Haven't encountered any other gaze attack messages that print @player_only@ aside from ghost moths.

The duplicates of this issue have all been marked as Resolved, has this been fixed in trunk?
Pekkekke (reporter)
2018-07-23 05:39

This is still active in trunk as of July 14, 2018.
PleasingFungus (administrator)
2021-02-25 18:27

Fixed in 7a858468532a2ed152b29ac8fcd902bc3e69ca7f , thanks! (Only took seven years, heh...)

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