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0008991 [DCSS] Bug Report trivial have not tried 2014-09-27 15:23 2014-10-06 07:41
Reporter nagdon View Status public  
Assigned To PleasingFungus
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status closed   Product Branch 0.16 ancient branch
Summary 0008991: Several very trivial bugs in and
Description I found some strange messages while playing and when I checked them in the source, I found a few other trivial problems.

(1) When cursed jewellery is unmelded, the "Oops, that (ring|amulet) feels deathly cold." message is displayed. Cursed armour only displays a similar message when it is actually worn (and not only unmelded), and I think that would be a better behavior here, as this message is unnecessary (meld/unmeld doesn't change curse status).

Also, Xom is amused by unmelded cursed jewellery, and this is probably also a bug -- fortunately I think only Octopodes can exploit it reliably and repeatedly (they meld rings in most forms while most other characters meld jewellery only in bad forms like pig form).

(2) The inventory letter is printed for each piece of equipped/unmelded jewellry by a mprf_nocap("%s", call at the end of _equip_jewellery_effect(). While this is useful after actual equipping, melding/unmelding is normally not related to jewellery handling and printing jewellery letters at unmelding is not more useful than printing them at the end of any other enchantment. Also, this can generate lots of spammy messages for transmutation-using Octopodes who frequently meld and unmeld rings.

(3) In _equip_armour_effect() equipping cursed gloves/cloaks gives more Xom amusement, because (the comment next to it says) they interfere with ring/body armour handling. As these effects of cursed gloves/cloaks were removed, this special case is completely unnecessary.

(4) When a weapon of protection or evasion is temporarily rebranded (or when its branding ends), the AC/EV display is not redrawn.

(5) Rebranding a distortion weapon causes a miscast with source "a distortion unwield", but it should be "a distortion rebranding" or "rebranding a weapon of distortion".

I uploaded a patch fixing all these problems. (Is it better to report trivial problems like these in separate bug reports/patches or in a collection like this?)
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PleasingFungus (administrator)
2014-10-06 05:50

I... er... may have reimplemented about 80% of this, carefully cross-referencing the bug report against the code, before I noticed your patch.

Should all be fixed, though. Thank you!

(And bug reports like this are fine - whatever's easiest for you, really.)

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2014-09-27 15:23 nagdon New Issue
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2014-10-06 05:50 PleasingFungus Note Added: 0027441
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2014-10-06 05:50 PleasingFungus Fixed in Branch => 0.16 development branch
2014-10-06 05:50 PleasingFungus Resolution open => done
2014-10-06 05:50 PleasingFungus Assigned To => PleasingFungus
2014-10-06 07:41 nagdon Status resolved => closed

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