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0008847 [DCSS] Upload: Graphics trivial N/A 2014-08-02 02:18 2014-10-08 20:28
Reporter roctavian View Status public  
Assigned To ontoclasm
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status closed   Product Branch 0.15 ancient branch
Summary 0008847: Melee weapon tiles
Description We discussed an earlier draft of these on ##crawl-dev the other day, so I don't feel I need to label them -- though I also made a new Dark Maul, it's below the GSCs.

Blessed weapons lack shadows, because it's particularly difficult to incorporate with the glow effect of the sacred scourge. If someone wanted to remedy that, I'd be happy to see it, otherwise we can say that TSO's blessings don't cast shadows?
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Attached Files png file icon 2014.revisedweapons.png [^] (271,500 bytes) 2014-08-02 02:18
png file icon tomahawk.greatsling.png [^] (14,905 bytes) 2014-08-02 03:47

png file icon robes.png [^] (11,387 bytes) 2014-08-02 06:47

png file icon 2014.revisedweapons.1.png [^] (12,283 bytes) 2014-08-03 02:54

png file icon bastards.png [^] (4,081 bytes) 2014-08-03 03:43

png file icon club.png [^] (1,265 bytes) 2014-08-03 04:04

png file icon sordz.png [^] (3,329 bytes) 2014-08-08 05:02

png file icon sordz.etc.png [^] (11,068 bytes) 2014-09-15 21:14

png file icon unrands.hats.png [^] (15,621 bytes) 2014-09-16 07:09

png file icon Spellbinderer2.png [^] (1,279 bytes) 2014-09-16 10:25

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roctavian (developer)
2014-08-02 03:49

Tomahawk tiles that lie on the floor like other ammo/throwables, matching in-flight tiles (with greater contrast for visibility against more floors) plus some greatsling tiles for 8799
roctavian (developer)
2014-08-02 06:49

Starting to drift a little from the original submission. Robe tiles from the top: mundane - ego - randart, two variants of each.
PleasingFungus (administrator)
2014-08-02 08:29

Greatsling tiles are in, thanks!
Galefury (updater)
2014-08-02 10:00

I think some of the mundane swords (#1, 0000002, 0000004, 0000005) have extremely similar shapes. I don't think I could identify at a glance which is which. I realize that swords should be sword-shaped, and don't have any ideas how to fix this. :(
roctavian (developer)
2014-08-02 10:03

That's a fair issue -- I tried to differentiate by size and shape with those, but perhaps the differences aren't dramatic enough. I can make more attempts.
ontoclasm (developer)
2014-08-02 14:02

I pushed the robes and tomahawks; I think most of the weapons look great but I agree that the swords could be better differentiated.

Random thoughts:
I prefer the shape of the ego dagger; I think the mundane one would look better in that shape.

The mundane short sword is a bit too bright, and doesn't match the others.

Some falchions have a sort of cusp on the back of the blade: [^] . That could make them stand out more.

For differentiating between the four swords galefury noted: one could lack a guard, one could have a hole through it (like [^] this ridiculous thing), one could have a colored fuller like current great swords do.

I know this is true of the existing ones, but morningstars and eveningstars have ridiculously large heads.

That's all I can think of right now. Keep up the good work!
roctavian (developer)
2014-08-03 03:50

Funny enough, I'd actually made the morningstars already -- I just had a sentimental attachment to the big-headed tiles that we've had a while. I feel like the current large eveningstar tile is appropriate, as it's a rare base type with excellent damage.

The greatsword's fuller is fuller, and these falchions look a bit more like machetes, but I think that makes sense for them. I've tried to do the concavity on the back of the tip before, but I can't get it to look quite right. I'd love it if anyone else made a go. If it looks sufficiently different with a cusp bit, I'd advise adding a small crossguard back in, however.

For the bastard sword, I think the blade hole looks nice, but it's quite exotic -- the weapon is rare too, so maybe that's fine. The second one is more conservative but might not fulfill its purpose in looking particularly different from the others.
ontoclasm (developer)
2014-08-07 19:44
edited on: 2014-08-07 19:52

Awesome, those look a lot more distinctive. I took a swing at them, though I don't know that it's an improvement.

I'm holding off until 0.15 gets released to do anything about these, but after that I'll start putting them in.

ontoclasm (developer)
2014-09-02 17:47

Actually I was impatient and thus pushed these already (plus some contributions from Bloax).

Thanks for making all of these, they look great!
roctavian (developer)
2014-09-15 21:17

Several unrands, discussed earlier. I still couldn't think of much for Zonguldruk, other than "make it a double sword." Which I didn't do. Yet?
roctavian (developer)
2014-09-16 07:10

Snakebite, octopus king trident, spellbinder, arc blade;
mundane hat, two ego hats, Robe of Night
Bloax (reporter)
2014-09-16 10:26

I actually did a less terrible (I have no idea what I was thinking when I made the original) spellbinder tile too.
roctavian (developer)
2014-10-08 20:28

Closing this, opening a more up-to-date issue in 9031.

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