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0008354 [DCSS] Bug Report minor always 2014-04-06 05:41 2014-04-06 07:16
Reporter PleasingFungus View Status public  
Assigned To wheals
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status resolved   Product Branch 0.16 ancient branch
Summary 0008354: Taking off boots of flying while over lava/deep water is harmless
Description  Take off which item? (? for menu, Esc to quit)
_Really remove this item over lava?
 You start removing your armour.
_You continue taking off your +0 pair of boots of flying.
_You finish taking off your +0 pair of boots of flying.

And then nothing happens. Same for deep water.

You're unable to move over other lava/deep water while not flying, but no harm comes to you from being in hazardous terrain without a source of flight. You just sort of... hang out.
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Attached Files ? file icon 0001-Make-lava-deep-water-lethal3.patch [^] (1,992 bytes) 2014-04-06 07:10 [Show Content]

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Reaver (developer)
2014-04-06 05:58
edited on: 2014-04-06 05:58

Some more information:

I doesn't work for a ring of flight's effect expiring. This has only been observed for boots. If Flight expires while you're in Wiz mode you get asked if you want to die. Entering "N" gives the same "trapped-on-all-sides" effect as the boots of flying always do.

If you try to transform while you're trapped in the middle of lava, then you get told you'd burn up if it's a form that cannot survive over lava but will be allowed to transform if the form can survive.

This may be related to the potion of treeform interactions kilobyte fixed when the potion was first added. The "trapped by lava but unharmed" effect is similar.

PleasingFungus (administrator)
2014-04-06 06:06

I don't believe this is related to treeform; as far as I can tell, this problem dates back before the removal of levitation. For some reason, people just didn't expect lava to be harmless...

Patch attached.
PleasingFungus (administrator)
2014-04-06 06:35

I realized that lava orcs weren't handled correctly by this patch. (Technically, they weren't handled correctly before, either...)

Supplementary patch attached.
Reaver (developer)
2014-04-06 07:13

Deleted the older patches at PleasingFungus' request.
wheals (administrator)
2014-04-06 07:16

OK, applied the newest patch.

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2014-04-06 05:41 PleasingFungus New Issue
2014-04-06 05:58 Reaver Note Added: 0025784
2014-04-06 05:58 Reaver Note Edited: 0025784
2014-04-06 06:05 PleasingFungus File Added: 0001-Make-lava-deep-water-lethal.patch
2014-04-06 06:06 PleasingFungus Note Added: 0025785
2014-04-06 06:35 PleasingFungus File Added: 0002-Make-lava-less-lethal-for-lava-orcs.patch
2014-04-06 06:35 PleasingFungus Note Added: 0025786
2014-04-06 07:07 PleasingFungus File Added: 0001-Make-lava-deep-water-lethal-2.patch
2014-04-06 07:10 PleasingFungus File Added: 0001-Make-lava-deep-water-lethal3.patch
2014-04-06 07:13 Reaver File Deleted: 0001-Make-lava-deep-water-lethal-2.patch
2014-04-06 07:13 Reaver File Deleted: 0001-Make-lava-deep-water-lethal.patch
2014-04-06 07:13 Reaver File Deleted: 0002-Make-lava-less-lethal-for-lava-orcs.patch
2014-04-06 07:13 Reaver Note Added: 0025787
2014-04-06 07:16 wheals Note Added: 0025788
2014-04-06 07:16 wheals Status new => resolved
2014-04-06 07:16 wheals Fixed in Branch => 0.14 development branch
2014-04-06 07:16 wheals Resolution open => done
2014-04-06 07:16 wheals Assigned To => wheals

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