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0005607 [DCSS] Implementables minor N/A 2012-04-28 10:13 2019-01-24 04:25
Reporter neil View Status public  
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Priority normal Resolution open  
Status new   Product Branch 0.13 ancient branch
Summary 0005607: Password reset for WebTiles
Description I am a dev and I approve this message. Original report by Solusphere follows:

I've looked around, and I can't find any way to reset my password for WebTiles. Normally i'd just make a new account and not bug you guys about it, but it turns out that despite not having a password reset feature, it still reserves an email address for....some reason.

Is there any way I can get this reset? My account name is Solusphere. I'll try to remember my password from now on, but you can consider this a feature request for either some kind of password reset option, or no email reservation. Theres no reason to have one without the other.

Thanks for your help!
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Napkin (administrator)
2012-04-28 14:27

I've sent a new password to the address you registered to WebTiles with.

Without this address I wouldn't be able to verify that you are who you say you are. But yes, the possibility to reset your password on your own would be nice, too.
neil (administrator)
2013-05-05 07:05
edited on: 2013-05-05 07:21

I have marked this bug as an implementable. The server-side part (in the webtiles server, presumably) should call out to a configurable script to do the changing. N.b. do not pass passwords via command line arguments—use pipes instead.

Edit: Likewise for changing email.

blackskull (reporter)
2013-05-09 04:13

Thanks, neil, for your help.
Low_Pressure (reporter)
2013-05-11 20:17

Hey, guys! Having the same problem here, login: LowPressure. Any help would be appreciated.
Napkin (administrator)
2013-05-11 20:34

On what server do you need the account password reset, Low_Pressure?
Low_Pressure (reporter)
2013-05-11 22:29

On, if it's possible, thanks!
neil (administrator)
2013-05-15 02:19

Low_Pressure: I reset your password and set the new one to the email address we have on record for your account.
Veliq (reporter)
2013-12-18 06:52

I too would like a reset for my password as apparently I can't remember it either. Same as above posters. server name is Veliq
neil (administrator)
2013-12-18 07:33

Veliq: reset and email sent
jefkin (reporter)
2014-07-16 20:27

Can you please reset my password for the 'jefkin' account on

-- oh and by the by, I would whole heartedly agree that there should be some automatic way to reset the password, might even be willing to code some of it myself.
SavageBastard (reporter)
2015-07-06 14:22

I, too, need password assistance. Account "SavageBastard" on

Thanks so much for what you all do!
letownia (reporter)
2015-07-14 09:27

I too am in need of a password resest:
server: crawl.s-z
User name : letownia
Email :

Thanks a bunch!
mightyblue (reporter)
2015-11-06 03:15

Tourney time nears, and I can't remember or find my password. Thanks for the assist.

server: crawl.akrasiac
User name: mightyblue
sym (reporter)
2015-11-22 17:34

Would appreciate a password reset..

server: crawl.s-z
user: sym

Thanks in advance.
ChestFox (reporter)
2016-01-21 08:28

I too need password reset
User name: ChestFox

Thanks in advance)
ebering (developer)
2019-01-24 04:25

This feature has been implemented, but it requires server admins to update their and point web tiles at a usable smtp server.

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