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0005579 [DCSS] Bug Report major have not tried 2012-04-20 06:08 2012-04-21 20:17
Reporter Perryman View Status public  
Assigned To neil
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status resolved   Product Branch 0.10 ancient branch
Summary 0005579: Beogh wrath from giant spore exploding and killing orc follower
Description CAO/Perryman
HOPr Beogh

Encountered spored area, went to attack fungus, giant spore shows up. I'm not sure if I attacked the spore, but the combat log doesn't seem to show it. It seems like Beogh shouldn't be mad at me for this event if I did not cause it. Here's the combat log

_You see here a gnoll skeleton.
_You see here a glowing halberd.
 You puncture the ballistomycete! You burn the ballistomycete.
 The ballistomycete is almost destroyed.
 Your orc throws a dwarven hand axe of returning.
 The dwarven hand axe of returning hits the ballistomycete.
 The ballistomycete is destroyed!
_The weapon returns to your orc!
 You swap places.
_Your orc priest shimmers for a moment.
 A giant spore comes into view.
_Your orc wizard says, "Dying for Beogh is much better than random rampage."
_Your orc wizard closely misses the giant spore.
 The giant spore explodes!
 A fungus suddenly grows.
 You are confused.
 Your orc appears confused.
 The explosion of spores engulfs your orc.
 Your orc dies!
 Your orc priest appears confused.
 The explosion of spores engulfs your orc priest.
 Your orc priest dies!
 Your orc appears confused.
 The explosion of spores engulfs your orc.
 Your orc dies!
 A fungus suddenly grows.
 Your orc wizard appears confused.
_The explosion of spores engulfs your orc wizard.
 Your shield and plate armour prevent you from hitting the orc.
 You feel very guilty.
 "You will pay for your transgression, mortal!"
_The orc barely misses you.

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Perryman (reporter)
2012-04-20 06:12

May not be a bug, please review and remove as needed. ebarrett pointed out I moved while confused accidentally and swung at a follower. Perhaps there should be a warning or some such but it appears that this was my fault.
ion_frigate (reporter)
2012-04-20 08:25

Yeah, it definitely looks like that's what happened. I don't think there should be a warning, but perhaps piety loss might be a more appropriate punishment than penance for attacking followers while confused and/or indirectly?
KiloByte (manager)
2012-04-20 12:04

I don't see how it's different from any other situation involving potentially hitting allies -- everything else I can think of has a warning.
neil (administrator)
2012-04-21 19:31
edited on: 2012-04-21 19:33

Checking for adjacent allies is easy enough, but checking for adjacent creatures your god doesn't want you to attack is harder; besides the obvious god_hates_killing() you also have to check for unchivalric attacks, attacks on neutrals, and wielding bad weapons.

Edit: ah, bad_attack() could work.

neil (administrator)
2012-04-21 20:16

I added a prompt for moving while confused next to allies etc. This calls bad_attack(), so should catch any creature that would give you a stop-attack prompt if you weren't confused. In trunk (0.11-a0-1264-gb306b99).

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