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0005354 [DCSS] Bug Report minor random 2012-02-23 15:30 2017-07-11 20:47
Reporter galehar View Status public  
Assigned To advil
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status resolved   Product Branch 0.12 ancient branch
Summary 0005354: Random startup fail with Windows and non-standard save dir / msysgit
Description Using msysgit (gcc 4.4.0), the game randomly fails to load some files from database/. For example:

Cannot find data file 'database/rand_arm.txt' anywhere, aborting

It's not always the same file and it doesn't always happen. I don't even have to regenerate the database, I just start it again until it works. I have this bug under winXP and win 7 (32 and 64 bits). I filled it as a minor bug since it doesn't seem to happen with the cross compiled official builds.
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-  Notes
jay31415 (reporter)
2012-10-13 21:47

Still happens with the latest checkout of 0.11.

Using msysgit on Windows 7, I checked out the repository and compiled (the ascii version of) 0.11 as described on the website. I got one warning (/bin/sh: pkg-config: command not found) but apart from that everything worked fine. I started the game once to check the results (worked fine), then started working on my patch 0006312. When I wanted to try out its effect, I encountered an odd phenomenon:

Sometimes, in about one out of 10 tries, the game will randomly close with an error such as the following one:
 Cannot find data file 'database/tutorial.txt' anywhere, aborting
 Hit Enter to continue...

At first I thought this was because of the changes I'd done to the speech files (for testing), but I've since reverted those changes and still get these errors. It's also happened with files I hadn't touched such as the FAQ or godspeak.txt.

In the cases where the game did load correctly, I haven't encountered any errors or weirdness in how speech was processed within the game.

This also looks like the same issue as (the older) 0005164.
mumra (developer)
2013-04-08 21:57
edited on: 2013-04-08 21:57

I'm hitting this kind of error a lot on Windows 8 but with .lua and .des files usually - specific error messages are mentioned in my original report 0006551.

mumra (developer)
2013-05-15 03:25

There really are a lot of people encountering this and similar issues; look at the number of duplicates raised!
sgrunt (administrator)
2014-04-07 01:16

I disabled multi-threaded loading on Windows, which seems to be the root of the problem, in 0.15-a0-78-g2e17027 / 0.14-b1-39-gdb6f4b2; I'd like the underlying issue to be investigated better rather than just papered over like this, though.
advil (administrator)
2017-03-27 00:19
edited on: 2017-03-27 00:23

elliptic observed this again in the wild, on linux on 0.20a with a version of qw (at least -- it's similar enough that the same "fix" from [^] stopped crashes for him, too). The fact that it was qw seems to be a red herring though; or at least, that wasn't enough for me to replicate it on os x.

advil (administrator)
2017-07-11 15:18

Disabled for linux in [^]
advil (administrator)
2017-07-11 20:47

I got rid of this use of multithreading altogether in [^] . But there is an explanation of what I think was the cause of the bug in the commit message, as well as a hypothetical fix.

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2013-05-09 20:04 mumra Product Branch 0.11 old branch => 0.12 stable branch
2013-05-09 20:04 mumra Product Version 0.11-a0-232-gcc0dc5f => 0.12.1
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