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0004101 [DCSS] Bug Report major N/A 2011-06-05 08:41 2012-01-10 04:49
Reporter evilmike View Status public  
Assigned To dpeg
Priority high Resolution done  
Status closed   Product Branch 0.9 ancient branch
Summary 0004101: D:27 swamped with draconians
Description I've made number of vaults that contain the entrance to zot, since it was mentioned in ##crawl-dev that it would be good to have some. These have been designed as branch entries (for zot), but also as branch endings (for the main dungeon). Thus, they are larger than typical branch entry vaults, and are a bit more challenging (some harder than others).

The monsters are draconians and dragons. For the draconians, they are mostly the unclassed (base draconian) type, with most vaults only having a few classed ones. Thus, the difficulty should be appropriate for the bottom of the dungeon, but still easier than zot. None of these vaults contain any real loot (one of them contains a small amount of gold, but that's all).

Note that in order for these vaults to work as intended, crawl needs to generate just one entrance to zot, rather than 4+ (as it does currently). I have already submitted a patch for this, which changes 3 lines in (it's a pretty simple change).

There is a weird issue with placing these vaults, currently. In order to guarantee that one gets placed, I am using "PLACE: D:27" (this line guarantees one gets picked right at the start of level generation), and have avoided tagging them with zot_entry. The reason is that if I just use the zot_entry tag, the game will only pick a vault _after_ generating most of the level, and thus won't be able to find a spot to put the vault (it will try several times and fail... try this in debug mode to see what I mean). On the other hand, if I use "PLACE: D:27" and the zot_entry tag at the same time, it will pick one vault for the PLACE line, and another vault for the zot_entry tag (and likely fail at this part). Thus, I have opted for just using PLACE, as a workaround.

Unfortunately, if there are no vaults tagged with zot_entry for it to choose, the game will randomly place a portal on the level. This happens in addition to picking one of the D:27 vaults (in other words, two portals will be generated: one inside a vault, and one outside). I've worked around this by using an empty dummy vault tagged with zot_entry. I've explained this in a lengthy comment in the vault file itself.

I'd like to have come up with a better solution than this hack, but I don't know the crawl source well enough to do that (and I'm not much of a C++ programmer anyway). Luckily, this method works for now, even if it's rather inelegant. I suspect that the best solution in the long term would be to make vaults tagged with zot_entry be placed at the beginning of level generation.
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evilmike (developer)
2011-06-05 08:43

Here is the patch I mentioned: [^]

All it does is stop stairs and hatches from being put on D:27 (which would get converted to portals).
KiloByte (manager)
2011-06-07 21:26

I'm afraid it's a bad idea to place branch entrances as PLACE:D:27. Even if you removed all other primary vaults for that depth, the dungeon builder doesn't guarantee it will be placed -- to the contrary, it gives up placing a large vault pretty fast. Branch entrances need to be guaranteed, especially Zot.
evilmike (developer)
2011-06-07 22:05

Oh, I didn't realize even PLACE: D:27 made them non-guaranteed. I've gone ahead and reuploaded this, so everything is tagged as a normal branch entry (and no PLACE) lines. That will at least allow them to be usable if the issue with failing to place them is resolved. I don't know how easy that would be, though.
Zaba (developer)
2011-06-08 09:30

Yup, you shouldn't use PLACE like this, and just tagging zot_entry them is enough (provided the patch that removes the special case is applied).

The updated version looks fine to me.
evilmike (developer)
2011-06-08 11:05

Alright, I've reuploaded them yet again, after some advice from ##crawl-dev. I removed the ORIENT line from all of them and redesigned them a bit so they take up less space. That pretty much solves all of the previous problems regarding placement. It still struggles with the castle one sometimes, but that's because it's a lot bigger than the rest, and it can't be made any smaller. Anyway, thanks for the help, everything actually works as intended now.
dpeg (administrator)
2011-07-05 21:59

Wonderful! All in. Perhaps the Castle could have some silly wand at times...
jeffqyzt (reporter)
2011-07-06 14:41

RE: Perhaps the Castle could have some silly wand at times...

Should have a wand of random effects (a.k.a. wishful thinking) ;-)
dolphin (reporter)
2011-07-10 18:20

I think I may have just played one of these (like a gnoll castle, but with draconians). Is it supposed to have 200-300 draconians? Or is there an error with the monster generation?

dpeg (administrator)
2011-07-10 18:33

evilmike_zot_entry_castle is not blame. Can you give more pointers, please?
dolphin (reporter)
2011-07-10 18:57

This is what I know that I know.
- I killed about 237 draconians (235 regular, 1 annihilator, 2 knights) before making a stupid mistake. I'm blaming repitition
-I was on D:27
-There was a castle that resembled the first gnoll castle, with a three tile dirt entrance gate, and a few windows on the outskirts.
-The Zot entrance was somewhere inside that area, since everywhere else was explored.

Here's the morgue and map file.
dpeg (administrator)
2011-07-10 22:33

This bug report came as feedback, sorry for the weird format of this item.
I don't have time to investigate, apologies for that. I did have another look into the new Zot maps and they don't do anything obviously wrong.
evilmike (developer)
2011-07-10 23:54

From looking at that map file, the vault there isn't one of the ones I made (the castle I made is surrounded by a moat and has larger "towers" than the one in that .map file).

I'm not fully sure what vault it is (it looks like lemuel_castle though).
mumra (developer)
2011-07-11 12:57

I had this as well; literally hundreds of Dracs, they just didn't stop coming. Managed to wipe them all out in the end but it was ridiculously tough.

I had a look at large_lemuel_castle.des and I see this (for depth>=25):


So if I'm reading it correctly there's a 50% chance that the *entire moat will get swapped for Draconians* (which explains exactly what I saw, pretty sure dolphin got the same). And this could happen anywhere from D:25 onwards.
KiloByte (manager)
2011-07-12 01:34

Thanks for investigation, mumra. I guess it was meant to be "l" (lava).

I've changed it in trunk: evilmike, dpeg, if it's not what you want, please say so. And if it is, you may close.

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