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0003931 [DCSS] Bug Report minor have not tried 2011-05-06 20:40 2011-06-23 14:13
Reporter minced View Status public  
Assigned To Zaba
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status resolved   Product Branch 0.9 ancient branch
Summary 0003931: BEES
               ..#                   m1nced the Cloud Mage
            .#....###                High Elf of Vehumet **....
           kkkkkkkk.#                Health: 53/53     ========================
          kkkkkkkk..                 Magic:  26/26     ========================
         kkkkkkkkkk#   .             AC: 10            Str: 7
         kkkkkkkkkk# ...             EV: 16            Int: 26
         kkkkkkkkkk#....             SH:  0            Dex: 18
        kkkkkkkkkkk......            XL:  9 Exp: 1270  Place: Lair:3
        kkkkkkkk@kk#                 Wp: a) +0,+5 dagger of Defence by Offence
        kkkkkkkkkkk#                 Qv: d) dagger (chaos)
         kkkkkk.kkk#                 Very Hungry
            ###.  ##                 k _ queen bee (wandering)
              k.                     kkkkkkk  75 killer bees
              .%                     k  12 killer bee larvae
_You are feeling very hungry.
_There is a stone staircase leading down here.
 You climb downwards. Found 44 honeycombs and a meat ration.
_The killer bee buzzes angrily. x30
_There is a stone staircase leading up here.
_Unknown command.

Oh my goodness, the bees... just... the bees...

Are upstairs supposed to be spawning in vaults? Seems like new behavior to me.
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Zaba (developer)
2011-05-08 15:24

This is actually not a vault, but yet another feature of layout_roguey. And that feature is actually ancient, it's just been broken until I've made it work again semi-accidentally during the development of 0.8. The fact upstairs can appear in such rooms is probably my fault. I'm not yet sure what would be the best way to fix it (I don't want to completely remove such special room generation).
OG17 (reporter)
2011-05-08 19:09

Is a big box full of bees (or undead) ever going to be interesting or fun?
Zaba (developer)
2011-05-08 19:22

Maybe. I've got ideas for making special rooms more thematic (and reducing their monster density, since it can get quite crazy like in this case). But the issue here seems to be the staircase, rather than that special rooms are maddeningly boring.
ZChris13 (reporter)
2011-05-08 19:41

I sort of like special rooms. I've had multiple characters killed by the bee rooms in the early mid-dungeon, although they really piss me off when they appear in the Lair, because the dungeon generator strips the walls off of them. Most of the time, those characters where pre-Lair squishy casters with no high accuracy attack or poison resistance.
Zaba (developer)
2011-06-23 14:13

Staircases should no longer generate inside layout_roguey's special rooms since 4ddabd38ed8f.

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