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0003672 [DCSS] Bug Report minor always 2011-03-27 21:16 2015-02-02 18:23
Reporter turnerjer View Status public  
Assigned To elliptic
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status resolved   Product Branch 0.8 ancient branch
Summary 0003672: Maprot in the Shoals with Ashenzari
Description I'm not sure if Ash is involved, but I'm getting a lot of maprot in the Shoals, which is playing hell with autoexplore.

Playing on CDO using Putty.
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Attached Files png file icon maprot.png [^] (1,485,569 bytes) 2013-03-27 09:01

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related to 0007847closedelliptic Autoexplore never finishes in Shoals. 

-  Notes
neil (administrator)
2012-07-07 18:34

Shoals autoexplore should be a lot better now. Reopen if there are still problems.
aleksil (reporter)
2013-03-26 07:27

This is still a problem with local tiles 0.12-a0-2859-g855fd10 and it's definitely related to Ashenzari's mapping ability. Looks like an explored tile gets overwritten by remote mapping if its current state doesn't match what's remembered.

Possible fix: don't overwrite explored floor/shallow water/deep water tiles in Shoals.
mumra (developer)
2013-03-26 22:30

I can't reproduce this at all in trunk, could you maybe post a before/after screenshot to show exactly what is happening with the issue?
aleksil (reporter)
2013-03-27 09:09

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the issue is most obvious with aquatic species who can explore the whole level uninterrupted by tides. Permaflight would probably work too.

I've uploaded a screenshot. Note the spots of magic-mapped maprot at the borders of shallow/deep water and water/land.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Start a game with a merfolk.
2) Worhsip Ashenzari.
3) Max out Ash piety.
4) Enter Shoals.
5) Explore the whole level.
6) Keep hitting autoexplore.
mumra (developer)
2013-03-27 15:19

(Possibly related) I've noticed that when mesmerised, blue squares show up well outside LOS (they disappear again when not mesmerised). There was an older bug report I was unable to reproduce as well to do with tiles / map / and possibly submerged creatures. Finally there is an issue where the endless ocean map edge can sometimes be seen using X before the level has been mapped.

There is definitely something buggy with Shoals and mapping in tiles.
mumra (developer)
2013-03-27 17:01

I can definitely reproduce this now with a merfolk. What's interesting is nothing happens when standing still and waiting for a long amount of time. Then as soon as I move, lots of squares become maprotted(/remapped?) (but not on the minimap) at boundaries where tides have been changing. Just walking around the map the squares gradually become rotted.
aleksil (reporter)
2013-03-27 23:48

Also reproducible in ASCII with a godless DDFi wearing boots of flying.

Scrolls of magic mapping function similarly, but with them it doesn't really feel like a bug.
elliptic (developer)
2015-02-02 18:23

Should be fixed now.

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2012-07-07 18:34 neil Note Added: 0018799
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2013-03-26 07:27 aleksil Note Added: 0021822
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