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0003668 [DCSS] Bug Report minor always 2011-03-26 23:51 2015-01-03 02:26
Reporter danr View Status public  
Assigned To neil
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status resolved   Product Branch stable branch
Summary 0003668: Crawl Tiles spans across dual monitors (vertically) (Linux Mint 10, Gnome, Nvidia Twinview)
Description I don't know if this is related to, [^] but I'm having an issue on my (admittedly pretty unique) hardware setup.

On my system I have dual monitors running one above the other. OS is Linux Mint 10, Gnome desktop, using nVidia Twinview for the dual display configuration.

When I compile and run trunk tiles version, the Crawl window spans vertically across both windows, with the inventory "panel" in the bottom right of the bottom screen and everything else at the top.

I think it should probably just fill one screen.

I can't say what it would do on windows with vertical dual monitors, I don't have that setup.
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-  Notes
due (developer)
2011-03-26 23:56

Have you tried disabling full screen mode and setting the relevant width and height of an individual monitor in your .crawlrc?
due (developer)
2011-03-26 23:57

Also, can you please pay attention to which project you file bugs under? This belongs under "DCSS" -- "Wiki", etc, are internal projects for our wiki, bug tracker, etc, issues.
danr (reporter)
2011-03-28 08:11

Sorry, I hadn't noticed that I was under the wrong project.

I was able to make it work fine, I just set a max window height in tiles-options.txt or whatever it's called.

I think however that the game should by default not span multiple monitors, it should not be necessary to tweak config files to get a proper display on a vertical multi-monitor setup.
galehar (administrator)
2011-04-13 10:36

I think we need to upgrade to SDL 1.3 to properly support multiple monitors.
KiloByte (manager)
2013-03-15 04:32

galehar: there's no point in supporting them, as all what Crawl needs is a single window on a single monitor. It just needs to be positioned well, and not try to span multiples.

By allowing the window manager to manage the window, all these problems instantly disappear -- and we get niceties like maximizing without editing the config file, etc. Some initial work is on the "resize" branch, but sadly, it's so crashy it's unusable. Webtiles and console are resizable, so doing this to local tiles shouldn't be impossible without crashing.
dcampbell24 (reporter)
2014-12-11 02:54

I suggest replacing SDL_GetDesktopDisplayMode with SDL_GetCurrentDisplayMode. I tested this on my dual monitor setup and it works great. Below is a patch.

diff --git a/crawl-ref/source/ b/crawl-ref/source/
index 622ae5c..4abcc4f 100644
--- a/crawl-ref/source/
+++ b/crawl-ref/source/
@@ -334,7 +334,7 @@ int SDLWrapper::init(coord_def *m_windowsz, int *densityNum, int *densityDen)
     SDL_DisplayMode display_mode;
- SDL_GetDesktopDisplayMode(0, &display_mode);
+ SDL_GetCurrentDisplayMode(0, &display_mode);
     _desktop_width = display_mode.w;
     _desktop_height = display_mode.h;
dcampbell24 (reporter)
2014-12-11 03:05

Sorry for the hasty post because I seem to have missed something. This appears to be fixed already without the change on the master branch. So just direct people to the latest version.
neil (administrator)
2015-01-03 02:26
edited on: 2015-01-03 02:27

Should be fixed in trunk (0.16-a0-2558-g6680ffd) with the switch to SDL2, as dcampbell24 noticed.

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