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0000023 [Mantis] Source Change minor have not tried 2009-11-24 13:11 2010-12-26 01:52
Reporter Napkin View Status public  
Assigned To Napkin
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status closed   Product Branch stable branch
Summary 0000023: New status "Brainstorm" & box in "My View"
Description Add another filter to the "My view" page to have all issues asking for general feedback (not assigned to a specific user) listed.
Additional Information Requested by evktalo. Should make it more obvious where other opinions or brainstorming are requested.
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Napkin (administrator)
2009-11-24 22:26

Agreed, would be a nice addition.
Napkin (administrator)
2009-11-25 22:46

How about adding a new status called "brainstorm"?
evktalo (administrator)
2009-11-26 10:38

As there are existing mechanisms/functionality with the feedback tag, and the functionality/meaning of "brainstorm" would be quite simple, adding a new status seems better to me.

Eronarn suggested calling the status "See Wiki", which would be good in that it communicates the intended progress of doing the brainstorming in the wiki.

No conclusion from me yet.

Eronarn (updater)
2009-11-26 10:46
edited on: 2009-11-26 10:48

I don't think it should be called "Brainstorm" because of the brainstorm: namespace on the wiki, which is actually something totally different. I don't like how "See Wiki" sounds, but it is much clearer, at least.

It would be nice if items with a Status of "See Wiki" had that column (in "View Issues" mode) be a link to their corresponding Wiki entry. Similarly, it would be nice if items that have a non-empty Wiki page had the link to that page appear differently-colored when viewing that item's page. Neither of these has to involve editing Mantis code much - it could be just another little script.

jpeg (manager)
2009-11-26 10:54

On the contrary, Brainstorming seems to describe the process perfectly, as in "We are currently brainstorming, see the wiki" (which every FR mentions, if not in the main text field then in the first comment). "See Wiki" by itself, on the other hand, makes it sound as if you'd have to check the wiki to find out the current status, which seems a bit odd.

Feedback is a bit confusing because it mixes up the concept of "We are currently collecting Feedback" (as it is used) with "I gave important feedback" (pulling it from whatever status it was on before) and "Feedback desperately needed" (say, for bug reports). Of these, the last one seems least important as you can easily contact the non-anonymous reporter. Not sure what to do about the second one; it's possible we don't need anything for that as by default tracker items are sorted by activity anyway.
Napkin (administrator)
2009-11-27 13:42

There seems to be no way around another status for this requirement, since the status "feedback" always shows up in the reporters "Awaiting feedback from me" box - no matter if someone is assigned or not.

This is part of a bigger discussion going on here: [^]
evktalo (administrator)
2010-01-11 14:11

Yes to new status, "brainstorm". The name may not be optimal but is good enough, as per what jpeg says.

Napkin (administrator)
2010-02-05 20:27

Ermm.. this is not forgotten.. just didn't have the time yet!
Napkin (administrator)
2010-12-26 01:51

Since FR are no longer handled by Mantis, I believe this is no longer required. Please reopen if anyone still thinks so.

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