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0001558 [DCSS] FR: Interface Improvements feature always 2010-05-16 00:23 2015-12-21 04:09
Reporter Cholfo View Status public  
Assigned To wheals
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status resolved   Product Branch 0.6 ancient branch
Summary 0001558: Firing through plants
Description When firing at enemies when plants are near, occasionally the path to the enemy is blocked by a plant. If you're throwing flames at a gnoll that's chasing you, this means that sometimes you'll accidentally toss a flame right into a plant instead of into the gnoll. Players should be warned when they are about to fire a (non-penetrating?) spell through a plant, allowing them to re-align their shot to avoid wasting mana and food.

This is something currently being managed by players simply paying attention to their shot path, but it doesn't seem like it would take a lot of work to implement the feature. At the very least, it would save the occasional wasted mystic blast.
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Tags newbie friendly, targeting
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Kyrris (reporter)
2010-05-16 08:05

The line "Your line of fire is blocked by a ___________. Fire anyway?" is already implemented in the case of, I believe, statues.
Cholfo (reporter)
2010-05-16 09:32

That's why I doubt this would take much work to implement, honestly. Seems as though the code is effectively already there for things like statues and friendly monsters, including plants would probably require a relatively minor adjustment.
jeffqyzt (reporter)
2012-07-23 18:49

Didn't the targeting code get updated recently to disallow targeting through plants (except for Fedhasites) in conjunction with the disallowing targeting through glass walls?
neil (administrator)
2012-07-23 21:01

It is still possible to target through plants, and even to hit something on the other side (e.g. with bolt of inaccuracy). Some spells got an improved targetter that shows the path beyond the plant in a different colour or not at all, but (a) not all spells use the improved targetter; and (b) the difference between lightmagenta and magenta might be too subtle. There has been the suggestion to use AF_TRACER (darkgrey) for the path beyond the first creature (here a plant), which would eliminate problem (b).
wheals (administrator)
2015-12-21 04:09

Fixed in [^]

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