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0001455 [DCSS] Bug Report minor have not tried 2010-04-30 15:11 2014-08-03 21:28
Reporter dpeg View Status public  
Assigned To doy
Priority normal Resolution done  
Status resolved   Product Branch 0.7 ancient branch
Summary 0001455: pickup/drop polish
Description Now that the additional pickup/drop and the help are in, there's some polishing left to do:

(1) As the d_ help suggests, the cursor keys should work. Down = ' and Right = . should be synonyms (so we cater both for vi and cursor keys users). While doing this, we could also make Up not just scroll up one line (as now), but move the cursor up just as well (without changing selection). After that, Left should also move, but with change of selection.

(2) Pressing a number, followed by . (or Right) should behave as pressing a number and the item slot, i.e. select a partial stack.

(3) There are inconsistencies between the pick up and drop menus: for example, the general shortcuts (* and , and -) work in one, but not the other.

(4) I suggest that Ctrl-W toggles showing of weights (inside the pick up and drop lists), both in pickup and drop. The state should be remembered.
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rob (developer)
2010-04-30 15:41

The new cursor is also quite heavy and distracting, in particular if you don't use the new selection mode. Aside from adding an option, some ideas (not all mine):

 a - a +0 short sword
.b - a runed dagger
 c - a glowing sling

This may be too obscure, but it does nicely show that "." can be used to select item "b".

Or the cursor could show up only when you actually use the corresponding keys, while staying hidden when selecting with letter keys.
rob (developer)
2010-04-30 15:42

I forgot: the cursor should probably be shown at the start, on the first item.
dpeg (administrator)
2010-05-02 21:14

rob: yes to cursor at start.

I am not sure hiding the cursor until used is viable. The way I use it is to press an item's slot key, and the go down with ' or . keys.

Ideally, we'd have an option which allowed for all of the following

.b - a runed dagger
>b - a runed dagger
-b - a runed dagger
 b[-]a runed dagger

Such an option could be

item_cursor = (" ", "[", "]")
TGW (reporter)
2010-05-02 21:17

You could place the cursor behind the current item, rather than the next item.
doy (developer)
2014-08-03 21:28

(1) Up and Down already scroll the list, so I don't think changing that behavior to make them affect the selection is a good idea.
(2) This seems to work now.
(3) This seems to work now. Note that * in the drop menu defaults to only selecting useless items, so it's not *entirely* parallel, but the difference is intentional.
(4) Weights are gone now, so this is irrelevant.


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