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0012488 [DCSS] Bug Report minor have not tried 2021-02-06 00:08 2021-04-02 19:40
Reporter Yermak View Status public  
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Priority normal Resolution open  
Status new   Product Branch 0.27 development version
Summary 0012488: Quivered item can be changed inadvertently.
Description If you got your item in quiver by picking it up or by dropping the item that was previously quivered (i.e. you didn't choose it by 'Q' or '(', ')'), it can be changed later inadvertently if you (F)ire another item.

Let's say you're on D:1, you picked up stones and happily throw them at monsters, you found boomerangs and picked them up, too. You met gnoll and (F)ired boomerangs at it. Your quiver is now boomerangs, but you didn't notice it until too late: you have only one left.
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advil (administrator)
2021-02-08 20:47

It's definitely a bug if `F` changes the quiver. But, I haven't been able to replicate this, so I think there's still a missing setup step. If in trunk I start a new character with no default quiver (e.g. hufi), generate stones, pick them up (they get autoquivered), generate boomerangs, pick them up, and fire them with `F` (not `f`), the quiver doesn't change.

If this is actually about `f` + changing the quiver from the fire interface: the effect of this on the main quiver was by design as that seemed most natural to me at the time; though this isn't something I have a very strong opinion about, and it could be worth considering changing.
Yermak (reporter)
2021-02-12 12:12
edited on: 2021-02-12 12:19

I've never used this (`f` + changing the quiver from the fire interface) feature. Too clunky.

Just started a fresh character, picked up stones, they got into quiver slot, picked up boomerangs, (F)ired them: quiver still shows stones, I made a few moves, picked up another pile of stones and noticed my quiver had boomerangs. Maybe quiver slot doesn't get refreshed immediately?

Yermak (reporter)
2021-03-02 04:16

I just started a game as Wn with hand crossbow (just in case it matters). I picked up a weapon, changed its letter to 'b', bolts' letter was changed to 'c'. After that my quiver became empty!
Yermak (reporter)
2021-04-02 18:57

Ok, here is foolproof way of triggering inadvertent quiver change (it's different issue than described above):

0.27-a0-874-g80d416ef6e [^]

Wield primary weapon, quiver nothing, switch to sling, cycle through sling amunition getting darts in-between, switch back to primary weapon - you have darts in quiver.
advil (administrator)
2021-04-02 19:40

Thanks for the followup! Just to be clear my silence doesn't mean skepticism; I was able to replicate a version of this pretty straightforwardly at some point on a fresh character (didn't write down the exact steps, but I will be able to get it back). Just haven't had a chance to sit down and figure out a solution, which may involve rethinking how the current autoquiver stuff works in a slightly bigger way.

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