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0011756 [DCSS] Bug Report minor have not tried 2018-11-10 08:39 2021-05-17 09:26
Reporter Yermak View Status public  
Assigned To
Priority normal Resolution open  
Status new   Product Branch 0.23 ancient branch
Summary 0011756: Hep Ancestor's weapon error message
Description When I left Abyss I got the following message:

 There is a one-way gate to the infinite horrors of the Abyss here.
 Summoned item on floor:
 +0 lajatang of freezing
     item 0000046: base: 0; sub: 42; plus: 0; plus2: 0; special: 2
     quant: 1; ident: 0x6000000f; ident_type: 0
     x: 10; y: 38; link: 27000
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Attached Files ? file icon Hep.cs [^] (248,719 bytes) 2018-11-11 00:56
txt file icon crash-Hep-20181111-025143.txt [^] (50,600 bytes) 2018-11-11 04:13 [Show Content]
jpg file icon crawlerror.jpg [^] (53,878 bytes) 2021-05-12 08:25

txt file icon Audrey.txt [^] (68,026 bytes) 2021-05-12 08:28 [Show Content]

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has duplicate 0011973resolvedadvil Hep ancestor items accumulating cause crashes in abyss 

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Yermak (reporter)
2018-11-10 10:34
edited on: 2018-11-11 00:54

I can't reproduce it in local tiles. My guess is this: I entered Abyss and my ancestor died to fire clouds near the Abyss entrance (off-level, is it possible?) After some time in Abyss I tried to recall the ancestor (I tried recalling it several times with big intervals between tries so that the ancestor could've respawned already), but failed (I don't remember what was the message, most likely there was no message.) After I escaped Abyss, I recalled the ancestor and succeeded. I didn't notice if there was an error message. I entered Abyss again, this time I recalled the ancestor successfully. And when I escaped again, there was the message ^. When I load the game, the message reappears. I can't log in CUE console, so no back up save. I'll leave my CUE trunk game saved at this point for some time, just in case.

Edit. Found same bug in 0.22 version: the message appeared at Nth Abyss escape, now I'm sure my ancestor didn't die off-level.

Edit 2. It seems that this bug is attached to the floor I enter/leave Abyss on. Sometimes when I enter this floor game crashes.

Edit 3. I tried it in local tiles: created Hep worshiper, gave him battlemage, started hopping Abyss. In several trips game crashed twice: once when leaving Abyss, once when going deeper. I'll attach the save.

advil (administrator)
2019-05-24 16:50

I still can't figure out how to reproduce this even given the save and the log in the crash dump, any ideas? I think there must still be some specific conditions that I haven't been able to trigger.
auddess (reporter)
2021-05-12 08:24

I just got this in 26.1, no ancestor death as far as I know. What happened:
* Entered Abyss
* Went down 1 floor
* Killed some monsters, found an exit
* Exited Abyss

Immediately get the spamming message about the antimagic quick blade that my ancestor has equipped on every action. Haven't tried leaving the floor yet. Will upload screenshot and dump.

One thing that's interesting to me - my ancestor wouldn't follow me into the Abyss or through Abyss floors, I had to resummon each time. But *did* follow me out of the Abyss.
auddess (reporter)
2021-05-12 08:37

Leaving Depths 4 also made the message go away. I guess on this character maybe 3rd rune will have to be Vault or Slime instead of Abyss...
auddess (reporter)
2021-05-15 18:16

fun fact: deserting Hep didn't make the message disappear, it's stuck to Depths 4
auddess (reporter)
2021-05-17 09:26

well, I was still able to complete the game, so not a huge deal bug. Don't know if it would have caused more problems if I had gone back into Abyss while worshipping Hep, but it was a good game and I didn't want to risk it.

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