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9630 Bug Report crash always 2015-04-12 14:55 2015-04-26 00:58
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0009630: game crash when picking up gold or zot runes (Android)
Upon entering the spider nest with my level 14 conjurer demigod I noticed the game started crashing to desktop any time I picked up gold. I decided to load it and try playing to avoid the gold and the game functions perfectly normally in every other sense until I do. I played all the way through to the last level, and cleared it to get the rune, and the game also crashed when I picked that up. I got curious and tried another lair branch to see if the same happened there and indeed it does, the first gold pile I picked up in the swamp crashed my game too.
has duplicate 0009697resolved wheals Crashes after using auto-travel two times 
has duplicate 0009586resolved wheals Crash on gold pick up 
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2015-04-14 21:41   
I have investigated this issue. The culprit is this line in _put_item_in_inv:
  if (inv_slot != -1)

inv_slot is of type char, which on ARM is unsigned (at least under GCC). Adding -fsigned-char to the compiler options fixes the problem.

2015-04-14 23:13   
Should be fixed in trunk (0.17-a0-580-g22c127a) and stable (0.16.1-16-gc44b35d), thanks!
2015-04-25 22:05   
16.1 stable release download on http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/downloads [^] is still busted - when will that be updated? Right now it's unplayable on Android.
2015-04-26 00:58   
Hey guys, I'm the developer on the unofficial ASCII version. I came across this same problem (though I didn't realise it until abienz told me here https://github.com/michaelbarlow7/dungeon-crawl-android/issues/56 [^] ). I was curious how you found this problem? I'm hardly the most seasoned C++ developer and it took me ages to work out where the crash was even occurring!
Thanks for finding this btw.