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7593 Bug Report crash sometimes 2013-10-02 20:26 2014-01-16 09:00
resolved 0.13 ancient branch  
none 0.16 ancient branch  
0007593: map generation uses player's traversability
Some versions, including 0.14-a0-101-gdd5ec2a on armhf, crash during the des cache build. Even with no apparently related changes, this crash seems to vary wildly with Crawl's build and architecture -- but seemingly not the RNG's state.

The culprit turns out to be pathfind using RMODE_EXPLORE even for map generation. Most vaults get test-built once during the cache build, ie, those which don't typically include this code:
    if is_validating() then return; end

Player traversability depends on permaflight, permaflight checks suppression, which in turn touches something not yet uninitialized.

Obviously, disabling all validation would paper over this crash but we still don't want to depend on whether the player can swim/lavaswim/permafly.
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2013-10-03 01:51   
Fixed in trunk (0.14-a0-116-g3b2d4cb and 0.14-a0-117-gc4feb4a, with a related fix in 0.14-a0-118-g5e1fb2d). These might need more testing before being picked into 0.13