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7448 Bug Report minor always 2013-08-09 05:19 2013-08-09 17:31
Arrhythmia Remote  
neil CSZO  
normal WebTiles  
resolved 0.13 ancient branch  
none 0.13 ancient branch  
0007448: Webtiles Chat Sending Empty Messages
In the webtiles spectator chat, when one presses the enter key with no text in the message box, it will send this empty message. This is probably intended, but if one holds down the enter key, then it will send the empty message, followed by the next empty message, followed by the next, until the chat is only "Foo: " for several thousand lines. Because the endless stream of empty messages drowns out any possible message you can post, it's kind of annoying.
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2013-08-09 05:19 Arrhythmia New Issue
2013-08-09 17:31 neil Note Added: 0023692
2013-08-09 17:31 neil Status new => resolved
2013-08-09 17:31 neil Fixed in Branch => 0.13 development branch
2013-08-09 17:31 neil Resolution open => done
2013-08-09 17:31 neil Assigned To => neil

2013-08-09 17:31   
Fixed in trunk (0.13-a0-2650-g174dd5a), thanks! The update will be on the servers at the usual time, about 17:00 UTC for CAO and about 5:00 UTC for the rest; but you might need to do a force-reload to refresh the javascript.