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6666 Bug Report minor always 2013-02-19 23:06 2015-11-26 22:54
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resolved 0.12 ancient branch  
0.12-a0-2336-gaaa27ea done  
none 0.18 ancient branch  
0006666: Discovered terrain changes (openned doors, etc.) don't update travel exclusions
Scenario: I see a sleeping monster near a closed door, stealthily sneak away, and mark it as excluded. The door blocks the exclusion, as it should. Much later, autoexploring the level, I encounter the door from the other side, except it has been opened at some point.

Expectation: The travel exclusion should be updated immediately to reflect the fact that the door is now open. If now inside the travel exclusion, autoexplore should stop, even if no monster is in sight.

What actually happens: The excluded squares remain as if the door was still closed. Autoexplore will walk right into LOS of the original exclusion.

Presumably, this can happen with other terrain changes (digging, etc.) as well, but it's fairly easy to reproduce with a door: Get a door-opening monster's attention at some distance, run through a door and close it, exclude a square opposite the door, and wait for the monster to open the door.

This affects both tiles and console, though it's a lot easier to see in tiles as excluded squares are always visible.
has duplicate 0009557closed neil Autoexclude area not updating when door is eaten 
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2015-03-18 00:15   
Still around in 0.16, as raskol noted in 0009557
2015-11-26 22:54   
Fixed by 0.18-a0-304-gfd5483d.