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0006356: Better feedback for randarts in ?: log
Randarts are triggering two logfile messages: first when you pick it up ("found a pewter ring") and then when you identify it ("identified a pewter ring").

The second of these is quite annoying. It would be much better if the actual item was listed, in the terse (inventory) style: "identified a pewter ring (teleportation, rC++ Dex+3)".
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2012-11-02 20:19   
15890 | D:10 | Got a pitted short sword {god gift}
 15892 | D:10 | Identified the short sword "Grim" {god gift, slice, -Tele rF+ rN+} (Trog gifted it to you on level 10 of the Dungeon)

I don't see any problem. The identified part doesn't show the original appearance, so it can be ambiguous with respect to items you don't immediately identify, but that's hardly significant, especially given that the un-ID'd appearance has absolutely no importance once the object is identified.
2013-05-08 21:53   
Closing this as it seems to have been done at some point