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0005331: Inconsistent Colors on memorization percentages
Step 1: Load XuaXua.cs

Step 2: hit 'M'

Step 3: screenshot.
png file icon badspelz.png [^] (38,876 bytes) 2012-02-18 04:51

? file icon XuaXua.cs [^] (603,994 bytes) 2012-02-18 04:51
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2012-02-18 04:58   
You haven't said what is inconsistent, but it looks fine to me. The colors are an indication of how dangerous the spell is to attempt to cast, which depends both on the failure rate and on the level of the spell.
2012-02-18 05:44   
Sandblast is at 99% failure, yet it is white, while all other 99%-failure spells are red.
2012-02-18 08:19   
There is no inconsistency here.

As elliptic says, the colour represents danger (basically, miscast severity). Sandblast is grey because it's only a level 1 spell, and if you try to cast it nothing bad will happen. Summon scorpions (level 4) is red because if you try to cast it, you have a good chance of killing yourself.

This is documented in the Crawl manual, and is also documented in the changelog. Still, if the distinction isn't clear enough in-game, there's room for improvement on the spell description screen (the one for individual spells), which currently says nothing about danger levels.
2012-03-07 21:08   
Not sure if you want to open an issue to improve the spell description screen; I'll do so as a separate issue.