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4557 Bug Report minor have not tried 2011-09-17 19:05 2014-06-11 17:10
JoachimSchipper Local  
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resolved 0.9 ancient branch  
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0004557: Ally smites ally
While playing a HOPr (with some demon-summoning orcs following me), I got the following message:

 Your orc high priest calls down the wrath of Beogh upon your iron devil.

I understand that 0.9.0 allows allies to damage other allies if they hurt enough enemies, but can that possibly be the case for smiting?

(Sorry for the lack of detail, I mentally filed with other cases of ally-hits-ally, but those are apparently intentional.)
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2014-06-11 17:10   
This is probably an old issue where heal other gave the same casting message as smiting.