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3936 Upload: Graphics minor have not tried 2011-05-07 10:47 2016-09-17 19:05
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0003936: Addition of a paper doll tile
The paper doll tile was added.
Please use, if required.
png file icon Denzi110507-1.png [^] (48,802 bytes) 2011-05-07 10:47
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2011-05-08 22:15   
They all look great, but... what are they supposed to be used for?
2011-05-09 14:26   
@galehar Isn't there a whole bunch of purely cosmetic paper doll tiles in the game already?
2011-05-09 14:43   
As I understand, these are merely additional random variants for what we have, right? More variation is always welcome.
2011-05-09 15:18   
Once, I made many tiles of the player character paper doll of the Dungeon Crawl tile version. This upload is the addition.
In Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, I understand that addition of a paper doll tile is low-priority.
But don't you think it wonderful that the appearance of a player character increases?
2011-05-09 15:47   
Oh, it's to be used for custom dolls in the - screen, right? I'm not very familiar with it, is there already an easy way to select a full matching set on this screen? If not we should add it, because those ones really look better when using the whole set together.
2011-05-10 14:54   
@galehar:I am waiting with mind for a long time.
2011-11-12 12:55   
In addition to being made available for doll customization I think many of these would look great for randarts. Note that all randarts currently use the regular tiles (which can vary), so this would be a new thing. Adding the possibility for them to look special would be great IMO.

Some comments on specific tiles:

The scythe of curses could use the tile in the 8th row. It currently uses the same tile as Finisher (a +3,+5 scythe of speed). All other fixedarts seem to have their own tile already, which is usually quite fitting. The fixedart sword tiles seem pretty bad, but none of the submitted ones really fit.

Most of the staves look very nice and could be used for random staff appearances (there currently aren't enough for all the staves in the game). They would need an inventory tile, though. I think all but the candy-cane and skull(?) staff (6th row) look great. The purple flame staff might be over the top for regular staves. I think the one in the 10th row is a quarterstaff, not an enhancer staff. Also I'm not so sure about the diagonal staff tiles. I think all of these look really really good, but they are different from the current staff tiles. IMO they should be added if they get an inventory tile. Someone should look at them ingame.

All of the shields but the top right one (too different from current shields) should go in as randart shields IMO. Either buckler, regular or large, depending on size. If special looking randarts are not wanted all of these would also be good as regular shield variations. It's too bad none of these fit for the shield of the gong, as that one currently uses a buckler-sized tile but is a regular shield.

The weapon tiles that are sufficiently different from the regular ones could sometimes or always be used for randarts. I really like the glowing demon sword for example. Multiple variations of regular weapons would not be good IMO, as weapons are frequently switched, and seeing what type is wielded at a glance is good.

Like for weapons I think regular body armor types (other than robes) should not have variations. Randarts sometimes looking different would be cool though. So at least the robes could all go in as robe variations, except maybe the one in the 6th row on the left (cool, but very different, could maybe replace the current robe of the night tile). Also I think reserving the more ornate robes for resistance, wizardry and randarts would be cool. All of the armours look really good in a matched set, but I don't know about how they would look without the extra parts. If randart variations are desired someone would have to go through them and cherry-pick the ones that look good on their own.

The black knight's axe (3rd row from the bottom) could replace the regular exec axe tile. It currently looks like a single bladed axe, while the inventory tile is very double bladed. Also this new one is bigger. :)

The bracers in the 7th row could be used for bracers of archery.
2011-11-12 22:52   
Many thanks for the comments Galefury!

I've started working to put these in. I have to learn more about the doll graphics though. I've started with some clean-up regarding existing file names and dc-player.txt.

galehar's point about being available as sets is a good point. I'm not going to code that functionality though. I could perhaps put these in with filenames that indicate which set they belong to, but not sure if that'd be a good idea, as they're going to be used for artefacts and other things too. Perhaps it'd be better to list the resulting filenames and sets they belong to in the wiki while waiting for the feature.

2012-02-15 13:05   
Unfortunately, I don't have the time to work these into the game. :/ I hope someone else will - patches welcome!

2014-10-22 20:21   
I will work on these!
2016-09-17 19:05   
Many of these look good and should be added into the game, IMO.

I think player doll customization should be made simpler/more accessible, too, though I'm not sure how to handle that for webtiles...