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0003286: Ignite Poison changes
Here's a patch that makes the following functional changes to Ignite Poison:

-decreases the level to 5
-no longer affects your:
 *items in your inventory
 *racial poison-ness

It also modifies the code pathway to better support the possibility of monster Ignite Poison by dropping the assumption that the player is casting it. All the old ignite-vs.-player effects are preserved in a new function which can be called if someone other than the player casts it.

Note that at this time it doesn't actually add monster Ignite as a spell. I think it would be fitting on a TSOite spellcaster unique, though!
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2011-01-25 02:41   
Applied, thanks.
2011-01-25 17:07   
Good changes! Even though affecting yourself is cool and flavourful, I can't imagine it resulting to anything but interface tedium (read: unused spell) as it was previously implemented.

Request for future: add the changes to the commit message too.

2011-01-25 19:13   
M'kay, sorry. I replaced the commit message that said "squashed commit of the following..." but had no information either, I should have at least copied the list from this Mantis entry.
2012-01-01 05:24   
Can we get monster ignite poison? I saved the old inventory code only for that. Surely we can think of something to put it on.
2012-01-18 03:26   
That's a FR...
2012-02-14 13:53   
I'd say it's way too situational to be worth the effort.

As this is a FR, closing. Of course, if anyone actually bothers to code it, it would be nice.